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In case any of you order uniform pieces for your respective winter programs (snow sports school, ski patrol, mountain hosts, etc.) I thought I would share my bad experience with the company Mountain Uniforms (  The email below is the last communication I had with them and pretty well sums up the reasons for my dissatisfaction.  


Ultimately I realize this will make no difference to them.  While still a "Mom and Pop" provider when compared to other manufacturers, they are a lot bigger than any noise one wronged customer can make, and they have proven repeatedly that they don't care about me or my business.


Please just let this be a caveat if you are considering them as the provider of your customized uniform pieces.  Oh and by the way, their prices are not any lower than companies like DNA, Patagonia and Spyder.  And if you end up using them, don't say I didn't tell you so!  If any reader needs additional details as to why Mountain Uniforms should be avoided, feel free to send me a message. 


Dear Mountain Uniforms,

Wow.  I don't know what else to say.  No other printable words come to mind.
I reluctantly accepted when Mountain Uniforms (MU) offered to make up for incorrectly producing 24 softshells by comp-ing us 5 or 6 correctly produced softshells.  (Especially after the ONE-YEAR production delay during which the factory had time to get the first batch correct.) 
Instead, MU delivers to us yet another mistake (6 more incorrectly produced softshells) once again accompanied by the qualifier that producing orders as small as ours is very difficult and that we should, in essence, be grateful for whatever we get.  Oh yes, and then we were to be placated by being told that piping is "out of style" (that may be true, but we ordered piping.)
Having spent more years than I care to remember in high-end ski equipment and clothing retail, I understand just a little about what a consumer wants from the vendor to whom they entrust their hard-earned money.  What I was taught about customer service is something considerably different that what we have been shown by MU.
The bottom line is that if MU can't GUARANTEE the delivery of 50 pieces produced the way the client ordered them, then MU shouldn't lead the client to believe it can.  And if MU chooses to proceed without providing that caveat, and MU (or its overlord factory) screws up the order, then MU sucks it up and reproduces every last piece.  Period.
So, back to that customer service stuff... it doesn't come with any finger-wagging, lectures or consolation gifts.
Yet here we are, MU unwilling to do what's right, and me out $6,500 and unable to pretend to be happy with "free" softshells that still do not match our jackets.
Thanks for hearing me out.