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adaptability verses change

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A good friend of mine has a new seminar where he discusses change and what it really means. In a nutshell change means something is different, it could be how we choose to view a subject, it could be how technology changes the equipment available, or it could be how the environment itself changes. I am hoping this thread will give us a platform to discuss and explore the ability to adapt to the new, whatever that turns out to be.


I will share some ideas and examples from my past after a bit but this is not a vehicle for me to share those thoughts as much as one where we collectively can share ideas about how to effectively adapt to change and how that is the single most important factor in our growth as a skier. I look forward to reading your thoughts... 

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Adaptability is how we change as our teaching talents improve. We have to be open to listening to unfamiliar thoughts and, as Bob Barnes says, trying them out for ourselves. This applies not only to movement on skis, but also to how we present information about moving on skis.
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Flexibility in our thoughts and actions is what I got from that seminar. Or should I say seeing more options instead of just one. It certainly applies to how we present a lesson but it also goes much further. Are we open to the ideas that challenge us to rethink ideas we previously thought, are we open to the idea of reconsidering the assumptions we made that led to the conclusions we now hold as truths?
Or is it movement based changes we are making? I have relearned to walk thanks to a recent injury. In doing that habitual movements that were ingrained got a lot of scrutiny. In the end the compensatory moves like linping on the injured leg needed to be present until I gained enough strength and RoM to walk without a limp. It is stiil a conscious effort to not limp. Same goes for favoring as I stand.

The change driving all of this is my physical limitations and that keeps changing as I recover. At some point I will stop improving and without further change I will probably walk that way from that point forward.

Compensating for a physical change thus becomes one form of change where we need to adapt.

But what about theoretical and mental / emotional changes. Self image dictates our performance potential and personal best skiing. As we gain confidence in our ability to ski a certain way does that mean we leave behind the mental compensations that limited us in the past? Are we able to recognize when and how to adapt physically to our new mental place? Or does the adjustment just happen?
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