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New skis [east coast, teen racer in PA]

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Hey everyone,
I'm looking to buy some new skis. About me: I am 15 years old, on the skinnier side as far as weight goes, but above average height for my age. I ski on the east coast all winter except for two trips out west usually each year. My friends and I will ski anything: groomers, pow, trees, moguls, and even out of bounds occasionally. I'm looking for a ski that has a nice balance of flotation, playfulness, and performance in the hard pack. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've looked at a lot of skis so far and I've narrowed it down to these:
Line Supernatural 92
Blizzard Brahma
Nordica Enforcer 93 ( the 93 waist is new for 2017)
Atomic vantage 90 CTI
Atomic Vantage 95 C

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi - Welcome to Epic. First off, do you have boots you like? If not, that's your first purchase.


Of the skis you list, the Supernatural 92 or Vantage 90 make the most sense for a slender 15 year old. The Brahma and Enforcer will be pretty tough to bend, so you're apt to fall into bad habits on them; either just ride the radius the ski gives you, or slide the tails around. You might also look at the Rossignol E88; it's a versatile all mountain that will have better grip than the Supernatural or Atomics, but will be easier to flex and maneuver in the trees or bumps than the Brahma or Enforcer. Good luck. 

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Ok, so since I race, my boots are race boots (head raptors). I was doing some researching and found some of the same things you did as far as stiffness. Have you ever skied the supernatural or vantage?
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OK new info; you race. What do you weigh? U16? If over say 130 and USSA, then you could probably handle something like the Brahma although you might still find Supernatural more fun. If high school, ditto with reservations. But keep in mind that if you are serious about all terrain, you might also look at something midway between the Supernaturals and the Brahmas in terms of grip and stiffness. I think a lot of Bushwackers for lighter good skiers. Fischer Motives, 86 or 95 mm, would also fit the bill. Finally, some will argue for a stiffer ski like the Brahma or Enforcer in a shorter length. Don't agree. If you plan to use this in soft snow, or trees, you want enough length for proper fore-aft balance and stability. A somewhat longer, somewhat flexier ski will work better if you have the skills to bend it.

In answer to your initial question, have skied another Supernatural (100), have owned the Bushwackers, have skied Fischer 86's, have not skied any of the Atomics, or the Enforcers, have skied the Brahma. Have owned a slew of other Blizzards, a few Fischers.
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Ok thanks. I should have mentioned the racing at first. My bad.
Anyway, I am 110-115 lbs (like I said, very skinny) and am a U16. As far as my skiing, I do like to ski pretty aggressively (racer instinct), especially on the hardpack but am more of a "playful" and layed back skier in trees, poem, etc. That is why I am in this predicament of finding a ski with a balance of skills on a variety of terrain. What are your overall thoughts on the bushwacker and supernatural you have skied? @beyond
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Hmmm. The Bushwacker is what it says. Superior ski for exploring, trees, tight terrain, bumps, light to moderate pow, can still hold its own on the groomed. Very light on its feet, can be thrown around without losing composure. Good, reliable edge hold, obviously not like a race ski. You can really feel the flipcore design; it's like an accordion as you lay it over; engages more edge smoothly and seems to lengthen, then as you change edges, goes shorter, again in a very progressive way. Cons: You may or may not like the flipcore feel. Also IMO not the best ski for crud or rubble at beyond a moderate speed. Doesn't fold, or get weird, but front begins to transmit a lot of information. lf you want one, the new ones are apparently even lighter and easier, so you may want this season's. Buy it long. 


Supernatural 100: Different feel. Not a Line guy, so a novel experience, and I only demoed one run. A very middle of the road output, not too stiff, not too soft, surprising edge grip for a twin-ish design, damp and composed without being lifeless. Not as easy to throw around (also 12 mm wider and moderately stiffer) in the bumps as the Bushwacker, but better in crud or chop, with some good pop if you load it. I'd call it a touch more fun than the Bushwacker, but not as precise carving. Really liked mid-radius turns. I've heard the topsheets chip if you blink the wrong way, but can't say personally. 


Finally, with your background, and where you ski, I'd strongly recommend you expand your list to include the Fischer Ranger 90 Ti. Also great prices on last season's, better all-arounds for a light guy with racing experience than either of the above. 

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Ok Thank s a lot for your help
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I have the Bushwacker and wouldn't consider it a good east coast ski only because it's less versatile than other readily-available options; it's pretty disappointing on hardpack.  The women's version of it is the Black Pearl, and both skis are identical.  If you look for BP reviews, you'll see a lot of people saying much the same regarding east coast skiing. Definitely demo at least, especially given the vast number of options in the "mid-fat" range that will be a blast in the trees/bumps and on powder days, but not be a total dud on firmer terrain, where you'll still spend a lot of time.  The Volkl Kendo, for example, or their 90eight. The Bushwacker has become my spring slush ski, and I really like it for that, but on firm groomers...meh. 

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