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Volkl AC20s

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Just discovered this forum. I'm currently in the market for a pair of skis (going to Valle Nevado, Chile in July). Someone is offering AC20s and Marker 3 Motion 11.0 bindings for $150. A few things: I'm an intermediate/advanced skier, I recently started hitting the terrain park (mostly for jumps), and while I'm 6' tall, the skis are 170cm. Do these skis have a good rep? What about the bindings? Does anyone have any recommendations? Additionally, he's selling Salmon Quest Access 80 boots, assuming they fit, are they a good buy? Thanks in advance!! BD

Also if there's already a thread started on this topic please let me know :-)
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The AC20 is an older ski, and it is an on-piste carver. It was certainly good for its day, but its day is long since past. At best, it's a 6 or 7 year old ski, at worst nearly a decade old. That is very old in ski years, and there is no way to know by looking at the ski if the previous owner skied 5 days a year or 50, which makes a huge difference to how the ski is going to perform. Personally, my ballpark ski life is between 150-200 days, and I'm generous, many people top their skis out at 100 days. This AC20 could possibly have 400 days on them if they were skied regularly by a mountain local. Or they could have 40 days on them... but  you can't tell by looking at them. I would never buy a pair of skis that are over 5 years old, and would never advise paying any more than $50 for a ski that old for someone else. 


Also, ski boots aren't something you want to buy secondhand. A ski boot is supposed to be fit custom to the foot of its user. Someone else's boot should never fit you correctly, not if it has been properly fit to them. 


The other thing, are you going to Chile for a week, a month, a season? If you are an intermediate/advanced already, don't you have your own equipment? Are you planning on using this equipment for just the time in Chile, or are you bringing it back to use it at home? I guess i'm not understanding why you would drop the scratch for a trip to Chile, and then cheap out on gear. 

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The skis seem to be in very good condition, he said he used them less than 20 times. I understand the boots part part. But is there a way to tell how used the skis acually are without taking them apart?
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And the skis are for general use, I only plan in being in Chile for 5 days.
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Originally Posted by Chileherewecome View Post

The skis seem to be in very good condition, he said he used them less than 20 times. I understand the boots part part. But is there a way to tell how used the skis acually are without taking them apart?

No, there is no way to really tell. The topsheets/bases will show wear and tear, but someone can take excellent care of a pair of skis and they can look nearly new after years, while other people can beat the hell out of a pair of skis in just a few days on snow. And I generally don't trust what a seller is saying unless I can verify it. But that's just me. 


Short version, $150 is far more than I'd be willing to spend for any ski of that age. Some may have differing opinions, but that's my advice. If you're looking for a ski that will see general use, I'd strongly suggest looking for a newer ski, and possibly paying a little more for it. It'll be worth it in the end. 


And for what ski you'd be more suited for, we would need more info. You say you've dabbled a little in the park. Then a carving ski definitely isn't what you want if that's your focus. Do you ski mostly groomers? Soft snow? Bumps?

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I'm mostly skiing on the east coast, I wouldn't say the terrain park is my main focus but I enjoy that rush every once in awhile.
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For your Chile trip, it might be wiser to rent . Save schlepping all your gear around.  i think thats what the majority of people do going there. 

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The AC series was, at best, marginal when it was out (notwithstanding some fanatic fan-boys).


As said above - rent, don't take a ski like that.

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Agree with the consensus on renting. And maybe take the money you were going to spend on skis and put it towards boots. You should buy boots, get them fitted properly, and bring them to Chile. Rent skis when you're down there. 

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