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I've been contacted by a firm looking for an expert witness. If you're interested, please PM me and I will send you the contact information. It looks like the gig will be in either Seattle or Tacoma (District Court for the Western District of Washington). They are looking for someone in either US or Canada. I'm not sure about travel costs, but at 10 hrs/week, eh? I hear these gigs pay pretty well. Here are some of the details:


The expert witness must have been working in the industry on 2/20/09. If they have subsequently left the industry, that’s probably fine. The person must also be an engineer or have equivalent experience. The person must have worked in ski binding design, product development, or product management. Our client is a small, budget-conscious company, so we also need to find someone in the U.S. or Canada. The person must be available for substantial parts of August (opening expert report analyzing infringement due on 8/26) and September (rebuttal expert report refuting invalidity contentions due on 9/29). We would probably need the person for ten hours per week for these months.


Ideally, the person should also have some level of familiarity with patents and experience with litigation, but these are not hard and fast requirements. It would also help if the person has experience with “alpine touring” and “alpine touring” bindings which are different from the more common “alpine” bindings.