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Tail Rocker on Telemark Skis

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Calling all telewhackers.


I am trying to buy a new pair of skis but most of the skis in the category I am looking have some form of tail rocker. It seems like everyone says that there is no such thing as a telemark specific ski anymore, which I largely agree with, but I have read in more than one place that some tele skiers do not like tail rocker due to the nature of the turn (fears of my lead foot getting too far ahead and sending me into a tele-wheelie). I am a fairly balanced skier and can imagine getting used to it, but I would love it if any of you telemark skiers on this forum have any experience with tail rocker. Love it? Hate it? 


Disclaimer: I realize that different skis have different tail rocker profiles and some might be fine for telemark while others are not, but overall what is the consensus? 

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Dabbled briefly with some Praxis RXs (slight to moderate tail rocker), definitely took more balance focus/concentration.  Never really adjusted to the whole big mountain power ski thing - bad timing with the advancing age. As you mention, there's a tremendous range in rocker dimensions, so I'm confident there's an optimal amount of tail rocker for your style, ability and snow type, but it will probably involve some trial and error, unless you can borrow a friend's (of course, renting is never an option for free heeling, is it?:hopmad:). 

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Yes demo opportunities for telemark are limited to non-existent :mad  

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I tele on Blizzard Brahmas. I think as long as the rocker is subtle- it will not change things drastically and send you into a "tele-wheelie". You should be able to adjust just fine.
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Anyone else got any info on this?

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What weinpinz sed. Currently I have a pair of Soul Riders mounted teley. They're fun at slower speeds, and are fine for teaching and fooling around, but certainly lack top end performance at speed. The first twin twip I skied telemark was the prototype K2 piste pipe (with a super stinx top sheet... anyhow...) which were fun, but nothing I was about to trade my metal filled directional skis for. In the end, most likely next season I'll go NTN with the 22 designs NTN binding mounted on a pair retired Head Rev 85 pros, which in the 184 are 88mm...

Anyhow, again... If I were mounting a powder ski, I'd mount the new Blizzard Bodacious. Some tail rise, but not tha tbig a deal as weinprinz sez. Clown shoe rocker like the original Rossi '7' series skis, not my cuppa tea. I don't mind a softer tip, but like a firm tail for higher performance riding. All JMHO of course. All in all, there really isn't a huge need to demo something teley. If you like a ski alpine, you'll make it work for teley. In the past I've owned 'teley' specific skis, but my favorites have always been alpine skis by a factor of 2 at least.

FWIW, one of the new national demo team telemark guys skis the Atomic Vantage 100 as his daily driver mounted with the 22 designs NTN binding. He rips. I think the new Volkl ninety eight or 108 would make a nice teley ski, and if I were going to Hokkaido, I'd look at a pair of Cham 117's... I've seen the new Cham 98 skied very well teley as well as a Rossi Experience 88... Anyhow, hope this helps.

(and the obligatory teley joke... What did the teley skier say when he ran out of pot?
" Whoa... These bindings suck!" smile.gif )

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I haven't tele'd since leather boots, 3 pin bindings, and touring xc skis when out of fashion for tele, but my son recently took up tele skiing out as a new challenge. He has 4Front Gauchos--twin tips with tip and tail rocker. They work fine for him--Main Chute in Squaw Palisades and Direct Chute on Granite Peak for example. How are you supposed to ski tele switch with flat tails?

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...and that would be the exception.
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