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Hi Guys/Gals,


Before I throw this on eBay and Craigslist locally I wanted to let you know I'm selling my current set-up to see if anyone is interested or knows anyone interested. I just bought new boots and bindings and about to get a new board since my current bindings are much bigger than my current set and I'm way over the edge on my board. 


Burton Mint Boots Women - 9 they have been blown out


Ride Vixen Bindings - Medium 


Arbor Poparazzi Board - 147 


I'm asking $250 plus shipping and live in VA can calculate shipping later.. Pics of the board below. 


This board has been very fun and a great starter board for me and it h as 1 slight nick in the top of the board, other than that it was just tuned/waxed this week so it'll be ready for you to go next season! 


The boots are in mint condition (no pun intended), the bindings have some markings obviously for using them last season and this season, such as the name ride is slowly fading off (typical), and the board has been obviously used well, but it is not splitting in any area.