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Kids' race boot question

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My U10 daughter needs a new pair of race boots (grew out of her Lange 60s). Deciding between the Lange RSJ 65 and the Rossi Hero 65. Have to order online as no kids boots for sale anywhere close. My son had the Lange 65s (years ago--2012 model probably) and the fit was great but there was something kind of creaky about the flex--not smooth, and the plastic under the second buckle from the top kind of jammed on the joint of the boot in a weird way when flexed--maybe Lange has modified them since, but they seemed pretty badly designed years ago. Interested in thoughts on how the Rossis compare in terms of performance/fit/flex to the Langes. Daughter has long, narrow feet; tall/strong girl. Thanks!

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since the lange and rossi are identical in every way...moulded out of the same mould, liners sewn out of the same production factory... the only difference ( which you nor I will ever be able to assess because we are adults with adult sized muscles and adult shaped feet ) is the difference between the blue plastic and the white plastic of the shells. in other words a factor that is not a factor...


also just for the record, the 60 and the 65's are basically the same boot, just velcro strap and maybe slight buckle difference. so to your question about there being any difference from one model to the next is moot.


in my personal opinion the lange/rossi jr race boot design is the gold standard in the race world. it is the best last shape and appropriate flex for kids under age 10. most of the other companies do not have enough market share in jr racing to be able to invest in new moulds and designs that are appropriate fit and flex for jr racers under age 10. 


more than likely if there is any weirdness in shell deflexion it is due to the boot being "over buckled", which is an indicator that the boot is actually not a great fit, and that the boot is too big !!! which is the single biggest problem we see when assessing junior boot fit and performance.


I strongly suggest that you have her foot professionally measured and shell sized so that you do not order the incorrect size boot. there is a plethora of good information on this website on how to properly shell size a ski boot. 


as parents you invest a lot of money and time in your childs involvement in the sport of ski racing. the ski boot is the most important piece of equipment in terms of learning the skills to allow for technical growth and improvement. seeking answers on the net and making a purchase unguided by an expert will end up being the equivalent of a dollar waiting on a dime.... in other words, too important to leave up to luck or chance.


where are you located? we could help steer you to a retailer relatively close to you that could assess existing fit and flex and make a recommendation as to which size and model would be the best match for your daughter.

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Thanks so much for that incredibly detailed response--it is really helpful. Seeing as they're the same boot, it's a no brainer--my daughter thinks the white ones fit better without even trying them on, so we'll be switching over to Rossi :-)


As for fit: She had 1 finger of space in her 21.5 Langes last time I measured, and she has grown a full shoe size since then, so she'll be ready for a 22.5 by next season (if not sooner). Will shell fit them again before making the switch, but want to buy now before they sell out everywhere (she is skiing this summer, and I don't want to be stuck trying to find something in July!).


Also, thanks for your thoughts on the creaky flex issue--My impressions were based solely on flexing them with my hands (not on his feet) so that's probably why I thought that.


Many thanks again for your help.

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