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Rossi E88 Length [for Colorado, 10 days a season]

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Hey everyone- it's the never ending question: What ski length is recommended? I'm a 6'1" guy, 165-170lbs, 26 years old. Solid intermediate skier looking to improve both off-piste ability AND in the moguls. I focus on skiing aggressively.


I ski in Colorado. I strive to go at least 10 days a season. I started skiing at age 9.


I demoed the E88s at Loveland, Colorado last weekend. I liked the response they gave, but felt they were a little short. When really laying into turns, shorter cambered skis tend to "wobble" on me from tip to tail- I would not describe it as chatter, they just fight me if I really push them (K2 Shreditor 92s 170cm did this to me too).  I did well in the moguls, but I was not able to test them in fresh powder.


Rossi has me right in the middle of ski sizes-172 for 160-169lbs, or 180 for 170+ lbs.




I want to get the 180cm, but am afraid that I don't have enough mass to flex them for their designed weight/not advanced enough in skill. Rental shops keep putting me in low 170 lengths, which makes me question my thoughts. Any advice on choosing either a 172 or 180 length?



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I am as tall as you 6'1" but a little heavier about 180lbs, and I skied the Exp84 in the 170 and have demoed the 88 also. They are good skis but I found at least the 84 runs a few cm short (don't know if the 88 does too) and they have a lot of rocker, about 30% total in the tip and tail. See if you can't take a tape measure to them. The rocker profile they call auto turn rocker or something like that and supposedly more of the length of the ski engages the more you turn the ski on its edge. I found them kind of binary that in that respect, but I don't know a lot about skis.. just giving you my impressions. I did think the amount of rocker made them ski shorter though. I never overpowered the 84's but I think the 88's have a different construction or layer in them. Length is a hard choice, good luck.

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I should note I demoed the 172cm length.

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I skied the E88 in a 178 for a few years, about 180 days.  I really liked the ski until the Motive 95 came around and bumped it off its pedestal.  I'm 5'9' and 175 lbs and probably a stronger skier than the OP.  I liked it in all conditions up to about boot top powder.  I think the OP would do well with the 180.

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I should note I demoed the 172cm length.

All I can really offer you is that I like short skis, and the 170 Experience skied short even for me. 30% is a lot of rocker. Have you been on longer skis before? The description of the wobble sounds as if you may be overpowering them just a bit? If that's the case I'd probably go longer. But personally I find longer skis more difficult in moguls. May not bother you though.

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