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GS turns review

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Hello, i went skiing in 3 locations this year ( Dachstein in Austria, Bansko in Bulgaria, Kopaonik in Serbia )

I've been skiing since i was 4, but never had a professional training, and until 3 years ago i didn't pay attention to minute details that really matter, i had the boots too large, didn't focus on pressuring the tips that much...and after finding this forum i have improved a lot, i can feel that when i ski.


Now i use a very tight Dobermann 150 boot and Volkl Racetiger GS race stock ski, >23m radius, and just bought a pair of fischer RC4 SG for juniors, >33m radius, just out of curiosity for a larger radius, and if i will get the hang of them, i will buy a true GS ski sometime in the future


The thing is i like speed and i feel confident on my powers, and have been filming myself with an extension on the helmet, and i want some heartless reviews :))


I think i should work more on knee angulation and try to have a lower stance, but overall the skis "listen" to everything i tell them to do, i can hold an edge on any slope condition i've skied on so far, but i just want more.


I have narrow feet and calves and i stand a bit upright comparing with others, but i don't think forward lean matters as much as other aspects, because modern skis are made to be driven centered.


Some would say that the boot is too much, but i'm blending with it very well because i have narrow heels, and anything higher than 27 mondo makes a loose fit for solve the fore aft balance i bought a booster strap for next season, because the standard velcro doesn't deliver any progressiveness in motion


so here are a couple of videos below, feel free to write me an oppinion, thanks a lot, it would mean much to me :)

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First video:



Second video:


Third video:

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Thanks for embedding them smile.gif
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Nice skiing. 


Your stance is a little too wide to allow developing good balance and good angles. I know conventional logic would be GS skiing => wide stance but it will not allow you to balance properly on the outside ski.


Another problem with the wide stance is it doesn't allow you to tip the skis well... you're very outside ski dominant - you need to work on smoothing out the release and transition instead of hopping from one outside ski to the other outside ski.


Regardless, a big thing to work on would be your separation: you need to counter-act and coil MORE rather than following the skis with the shoulders. Also, counter-balance and not incline with the skis.


Improving these will allow you to create bigger angles and allow the skis to come around more rather than just stay mostly pointed down: this is what truly bends a GS ski into an arc.



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thanks, reading your words makes me visualize the necessary improvements.


my stance was even wider 2 years ago, and i feel progress in comparison.


basically the counter-act and counter-balance mean that i have to compensate the motion of the undercarriage with my upper body ?


this drill below seems nice


and i have to do something better with my arms, i think i should put the inside arm forward not the outside one...


it should be easy, because i feel confident when carving fast and for sure a narrower stance would immediately improve my angles


<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Looks pretty good!  Go pro hard to tell.  Yes arms look a bit low and static.  I would like to see bigger angles and more dynamic flexion and extensions.  Finish the turns :)  Hard on 23 and 33.  You look rather slim (you're welcome) - are 150s too much?  Outside of a steep icy race course and 200# plus studs, 150s create some limitations. 130?


Build up your forces more and force the ski to bend. :)


Go fast.  Take chances.

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i'm at about 165 lbs, but i am tall, 190cm and have long tibias so there is a lot of leverage

the thing is i had a pair of dobermann pro 130 before and sadly they aren't that stiff and snug on my slim feet, the wc 150 comes with a narrower plug, at 95mm ( probably 97mm at 27 mondo )...i guess if i'll ever feel them too stiff, i can cut the dotted lines on the lower shell, but after 3 skiing trips with them i feel fine.


i've been reading some tutorials these days and i got the hang of the narrower stance, and counter balance and counter act, needed to obtain bigger angles.


these videos we're shot in a rather straight line, when i was in Dachstein in Austria i found a wide slope and went from side to side on the 23m ski but sadly i didn't film because it was too nice to stop and set the camera :))


i don't know why i believed that the outside leg always has to be sort of straight in order to withstand the g force, but going lower stanced surely is better, and here it helps being rather thin because the muscles don't get tired


also i guess i have to work more on transitioning the ski smoothly from side to side and letting the ski do the job.

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Have someone who knows what they are doing look at the cant on your right boot. My guess is it needs to move out (medial) about a degree or so (build up the inside of the sole/grind the outside). If you look at all the videos, on your left footed turns, there is a delay in movement of the right (inside) knee. I think you also need to slow down the top half of the turn. There is just too much happening too quickly. Imagine that you are skiing in slow motion.


I agree with @razie about needing more separation, but disagree about your stance being too wide. It seems that you are leaning into the turns somewhat and that a lot of the movement being with your upper body rather than with your lower body.


Overall, it is just a viewing angle that I'm unaccustomed to seeing and I'm having trouble seeing what is happening.

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i think it's just a lack of my patience, as you all said, i have to make more continuous movements, i'll read all the theory until the coming season 

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