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Whitetail PA lodge expansion construction in 2016

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Whitetail had an official groundbreaking on April 22 for the $8.5 million lodge expansion that will add 40% more seating and more food options.  There will be a new brick-oven pizzeria, an expanded cafe, and a full-service restaurant on the second level.  The pizzeria will have seating for 180 people, The cafe will will seat 150 and the restaurant will seat 300.  Child care facilities and locker rooms on the lower level will be larger as well.  The new dining facilities are expected to be completed in the fall.  Just in time for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the opening of Whitetail.




Whitetail is using drone footage for videos of the construction in progress on their Facebook page.  Below is Update 1.  Update 2 was after demolition of the section being replaced.


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The changes to the base area are significant enough that Whitetail has commissioned James Neihues to update his painting that is the basis for the Whitetail trail map.  Check out his Facebook page for how to goes about making changes to an existing painting.



Whitetail adjustment 6/10/16

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Yeah... I've been following that. Can't wait to see the new facility next year.
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Whitetail is continuing to create drone videos as construction progresses.


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It's nice to see SnowTime make this kind of an investment after such poor weather (and presumably essentially zero profit) last season. That tells you something about their management. There are a series of things that needed to get done to allow further terrain expansion. They added expanded parking with the golf course purchase. They upgraded the electrical substation up the road a few years ago and a did a major on mountain electrical upgrade to facilitate more fan guns. They announced plans for a supplemental reservoir last year. This lodge expansion may be the last piece needed before they make a significant trail expansion (e.g. putting multiple trails and a new lift into the bowl between Snowpark and Fanciful where Sidewinder runs through). What will be real interesting is to see how all this impacts the real estate plan (i.e. Ledgewood).


It looks like they're attaching the expansion onto the existing Windows restaurant side of the main lodge and creating a "U" shaped main lodge building. For reference, the original main lodge was just the middle (bottom) part of the "U". Part of this extension is going over existing decking and will be blocking the existing view from Windows toward the rental building. The interesting part is the extension back toward the parking lot alongside the plaza. The creek that drains the pond between the main lodge and the rental building (and most of the snowmelt) runs very close to where they're building. They may have needed to reroute that creek.

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