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I am totally beginner for Alpine Touring. Only have one day training on the mountain (with my normal alpine boots on a frame type AT binding with Soul 7 skis ).


I want to buy a boot, Scarpa Freedom SL, for lift-served skiing and touring in a single day.


Some questions about it:


1. Good for Marker Tour F10 Large Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2016 ?


2. Good for Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2017 ?


3. if its OK to a normal day just inside a resort ?  Like all single or double black trails, total vertical around 23000 feet.  Compare the two sets above. I don’t want to loose downhill performance.


My level is strong level 8. Now ride Blizzard Bushwacker.


Appreciate for any suggestions !!!