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Looks like the grease from heavy machinery. Guy who plows my driveway left a nice patch of that a few years ago. Certainly not done on purpose. A good reason not to be skinning resorts in the off season--even if there isn't machinery operating there is plenty of dirty snow. Good thing it's on your skis and not your skins.

Mineral spirits are as good as anything for getting off grease after you've scraped off the bulk of it.

Why not us Toko Wax Remover? 4 times the cost.

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....yeah - could be grease from the old dozer they've been clearing the uphill summer road with, or maybe old grease from the lift towers - although it didn't really smell like anything, and I never saw a patch of grease.  Certainly would have been a nightmare if it got on my skins. From the greater Seattle area, skiing the closed resort is probably one of the few options right now if you only have a few hours and want to get a lap or two with short easy access from the parking lot.  At this point, anything else is a longer drive / longer approach.


... and the reason for not using Tarminator instead of Toko.... it's what I had in the garage...

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That stuff looks a lot like the stuff I got on my skis in the OP.  Mine were not that bad though; not as much goop, thankfully.  My guess is that it's some kind of grease or other stuff from an old machine of some sort.

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