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Selecting Ski Lengths

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Im looking into getting a new pair of big mountain/ powder skis. The Atomic Automatic 109 comes in a 175, 182, and 189. I cant quite decide what length to get. I am a 5'10" 150lb male who is an advanced and aggressive skier. I come from a race background so i have been on skis up to 190. I like skiing the trees and bumps so shorter skis would be nice here, but i also love absolutely flying down the face of the mountain where length really helps. Im currently on a 164 (yes that short) all mountain ski but i race slalom on 155s and GS on 188s. Thoughts? Thanks

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Interesting conundrum.  If it were me, I'd opt for the 182's.  You're certainly capable of using the longer pair of 189's.  I guess my logic is this... if you're going to use them in trees and bumps and deep pow where a softer, turnier ski is desired, the shorter turn radius of the 182 might be more playful.  If your plan is to rip up groomers, I'd go back to the car and grab the race skis.  You may find the groomer performance lacking when compared to your 188 GS ski.  Just my 2 cents.  Good luck.

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I'm 5'6" and 165lbs, strong skier. If it helps my SL is a 155 FIS, and GS I use a 183 FIS (both women's lengths). My all mountain ski is 170 (Kendo) and my powder ski is 179 (Gunsmoke).

I opted for that length of a pow ski as it still had way more float than anything else in my quiver and leaned to a more playful ski that I can have a blast in the trees with. I figure on powder days I'll be playing more than I am charging (and since I'm not going to be slaying any big Alaska lines) a shorter, turnier more playful pow ski fit the bill.

Given you are looking at the automatics and not something like the Bodacious, I'd say 182 might be more your speed (especially since you like to ski your all mountain that short).

And as posts above, when I want to rip I go grab my GS skis.....don't expect my powder skis to do double duty in that department. I have a quiver for a reason.
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(big mountain)  <---> (trees and bumps)  


pick the one you do more often.

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