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Monster 108. Any experience?

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I'd love to try the monster 108. I have the 88 and love it and wondering if the 108 is the perfect ski for me on resort broken pow/ crud days.

Also heard rumors they are increasing tip width on the entire series. I like the 88 just the way it is, but could be helpful to shorten the radius on the 108 that is in the mid 20s.

Any input would be appreciated.
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Blister has a good review on the 108: http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/2016-2017-head-monster-108


Looks like a good ski for plowing through broken pow/crud but I haven't been on it myself..

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The 108 is a very different ski than the 88*. It's most certainly a big boy stick and better for aggressive and/or heavier riders. That caveat aside, they're like having your own personal piston bully if that's the thing you're looking for. The question is more about venue and the terrain you typically ski. The 88 is wildly versatile and is a fantastic crud ski on it's own right. The question is, do you do a 108, or something like a collective or cyclic? For our hill, an 88/Cyclic pairing might make more sense, but that said, I was already set to order a 108 and Head was out. YMMV. And, no, there is no change to the tip width for 16-17. Head usually works a mold for 3 seasons before changing anything.

*graphene is in the ends of the 108... The ends of the ski are stiff, a good bit stiffer than the 88. This is good for crud and not necessarily so good for powder. I initially chose the 108 because I have a powder ski.
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Thanks for the input/info. I have a pow ski also, the line influence 115. My 108(currently a line supernatural 108) in my quiver is for days when there IS fresh snow but Not double digits. I like the SN108 a ton but on Sunday when we had 5 inches over the day befores 8, the groomers down low were a real shit show of scratch and soft piles. My 108s weren't tracking well, and made me think of the monster 108 I recently read the blister review of. I'm sure any ski would be a handful in those conditions(my buddies confirmed they feared for their life maching down them- one sick skier on a nordica girish)

I just love the dampness of the monster 88 and the great edge and miss that when I'm on my 108(which is pretty damp and pretty decent edge) . I'm hoping that the monster 108(maybe downsized to a 177) might give me a bit of that monster feel I like while handling the crud and single digit pow days just fine. Let's be honest, pow days in bounds are only untracked for an hour or so. After that, we're talking broken pow, chop, and scraping the hard stuff below.

Haven't found a place to demo here, will call around.

Mark, I assume the 108 has a bit more rocker then the 88?
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Originally Posted by smileguy1 View Post

Mark, I assume the 108 has a bit more rocker then the 88?

No. All the monsters have about the same... not much.smile.gif
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Interstingly, according to blisters measurements, the rocker is similar to my line 108. About 60mm front 20 in back(25 for line). So rocker line is similar, but looks like it's got more splay on the line. In other words, monster is just as deep in the tip, not quite as deep in the tail, but monster keeps it subtle for the whole length of rocker. I tend to like that better then a ton of splay. Gotta try them
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