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Hi All,

I am looking for a Marker Jester Pro toe piece.  This weekend I managed to rip the toe piece off the binding while skiing through some pwder dusted ice moguls.  Preferably would like to get a used toe piece off someone's old skis or a used set of bindings so I can just replace the tow piece and not redrill everything. 


It came off my "rock" skis so I do not want to spend much money on bindings.  I could also use a Marker Jester toe piece I think and run them at a 13 DIN?  Let me know if anyone has a set of old bindings I could buy? 


I still love the skis for being able to ski aggressively during low tide conditions in early season and spring but don't think it makes sense to put $400 bindings on skis that are technically worth ~$25 given the ware and tear.


Let me know if you have anything that would work.