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East Coast Versatile sub-80mm Ski Choice

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I am considering replacing my current primary East coast hard-snow ski.


Me; 5'10", 168lbs., 53 y.o., Level 8/9 skier.  (An instructor at Smuggler's Notch rated me a solid 9, but I have less faith in my skills than he did!).  I would describe myself as more on the finesse side of the finesse/power scale.


My current skis were made by Blossom for Hart (the Pulse), and I have not had an easy time finding something that I like better, especially for versatility.  I am not looking for a locked-in carver, but something that can certainly carve well when intended and handle hardpack/ice.  I err on the side of versatility, however, so looking for a nice balance of performance in multiple turn radii, comfort with slow or fast speeds, ability to handle ungroomed chop, bumps and glades when there isn't a ton of new snow.


I am very partial to skis with an even and progressive flex, and do not like the binary, "on-off" feel of some skis.  I also do not want a ski with a tail that refuses to release, especially in bumps and crud.  I have found that widths of 80mm or below work best for me where I ski.  As of now, my short list has been narrowed down to the 2016 versions of the following, but have not demo'd either:


 - Blossom White Out


 - Stockli Laser AX


Also considered the Kastle MX83, but width and length choices were not quite a perfect fit.


Would love input from those that are familiar with one or both of these skis as to how well they fit my described wants/needs.  If some have skied both, I would love to hear your input on the distinctions between them.


If there is another ski that folks feel fits my description and could be a real alternative to the 2 above, I am open to consideration.


These skis will be paired with something in the mid 90's to 100mm width range for an Eastern quiver.


Thanks for your input.

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If MX83 isn't right given length, how about a different Kastle ski that runs different lengths?  I have the Kastle MX78 for this purpose, though its tail is pretty square and does not release as easily as you might want (at least not for me and my skill level).  I would not endorse it for lots of bump duty, but then again a more skilled pilot might well find it more amenable.  


It fits everything else you want.

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I skied the MX78 a few years back for 1-2 seasons.  Extremely capable and versatile ski, surprisingly approachable for its level of performance.  It was a little more damp and a little less "fun" feeling for me than the Blossom-made skis I have used in the seasons since then (Phoenix and then Pulse from Hart).  Also tried the RX12, which I thought was a fantastic carving ski, but not quite as much versatility as the 78.

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I think the Fischer Progressor F19 could be on your list. Most versatile narrow ski I know.

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+1 for the Fischer Progressor.  I also would consider the Head SS Rallye.

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I've not been on the Progressor.  The Rally is a great ski, but I actually preferred my current Pulse once off the groomed.

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Any input from folks who have skied the Laser AX and the Blossom White Out?

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