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Mmm, that's better...

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OK, not a joke, and it belongs in the lounge, but since I can't post there, I thought I'd just share with everyone...
I was at my local wine merchant today stocking up for Christmas, and they had some imported beer in.
They don't do beer through the year, but bring in some at this time of year, and it tends to be stuff that you just can't buy anywhere in this country.

My beer fridge is now filled with two of my favourite beers: Samuel Adams and VB.

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You can't usually get Sam? You poor, poor man!

Sam is the man! One of my most valued X-mas gifts is the 12 beers of X-mas assortment from Sam. It contains his cranberry lambic brew that isn't sold any other time.

What's VB?
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VB = VIctoria Bitter, a favourite Aussie tipple of mine.
The Sam Adams was about $2 a bottle from the wine merchant, but worth every penny of it!
I'm hoping that they won't sell much of it, and in the new year they might even drop the price on the boxes they have left.

mmm. beer.


"It was a woman who drove me to drink, and I never even had the courtesy to thank her." (Oscar Wilde)
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Now if you could just get Cutthroat, you would have completed the trifecta!
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