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2017 Epic Gathering - Whistler/Blackcomb - March 5 - 11, 2017  

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It's my pleasure to announce the 2017 Epic Gathering will be held at:


Whistler Blackcomb - Sunday March 5 to Saturday March 11th, 2017


Why Whistler Blackcomb, other than it's truly Epic?


The Whistler Blackcomb website answers this question as well as I ever could right here:



Follow down that link and it explains all the reasons to go there and doesn't exaggerate and will show it is, truly epic.


Why only 1 resort?


Follow down that link and you will see that the terrain at Whistler Blackcomb is equal to more terrain then we normally cover going to several.

I'm sure those of who go will wish they had more than a week when they are done.


If this doesn't convince you, a few photos might.


The artwork....

Looking down Ruby Bowl after climbing Spanky's Ladder

Great snow.

Yes there can be awesome snow, opening weekend 2013.

Rated a top 10 ski slope restaurant, don't miss out on waffles at the Crystal Hut.

Come for the views.

Facebook photos from the Crystal Hut Deck.

Directions to Everywhere you might want to go.

Skiing down Ruby Bowl.

Skating and shopping in the Olympic Village.

Cool pictures with your friends in the Olympic Rings.

Walking up to the Blackcomb Glacier



This thread will be locked and used by myself to place helpful links (passport renewal) and information on meet ups.  There will be a General Info post for all to post questions and knowledge they may have on lodging, tickets, etc and a roll call thread.

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Also you will need passports.  My first post is the link to Canadian and US passport renewal and applications.  Send in early to have it in lots of time.  They expect US and Canadian  passport renewals to get backed up this year as so many applied for passports 10 years ago when it became mandatory for flying or driving to Canada.


US Passport Renewalhttp://www.us-passport-service-guide.com/us-passport-renewals.html

New US Passport:  http://www.us-passport-service-guide.com/obtain-a-us-passport.html


Canadian Passport Renewal:  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/passport/apply/renew/apply-how.asp

New Canadian Passporthttp://www.cic.gc.ca/english/passport/apply/new/apply-how.asp

Simplified Form Canadian Renewal Passporthttp://www.cic.gc.ca/english/passport/forms/pdf/pptc054.pdf


If you are driving across you need a passport or Enhanced Drivers licenses, offered by some states. (http://www.ezbordercrossing.com/the-inspection-experience/documentation-needed-to-cross-border/types-of-documentation/#enhanceddl).  If you are flying you must have a passport.


Flying into Vancouver is the closest airport, about 1.5 hours from Whistler.

Seattle Airport (SeaTac) is 4.5 hours from Whistler if you want to drive across the border.  There is also Bellingham Airport,

 though smaller is a US international Airport and about 2.5 hours from Whistler but you must drive across the border still.



SAVE MONEY Reserve Accomodations Early:  http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/purchase/lodging


Whistler Lodging from their main site above rents most condos no matter who or how they are owned from their site and offers competitive pricing along with early booking incentives.  Book before August and you put down one night and resort fees with the rest not due until 45 days prior to arriving.  Reserve early to get the best pick of available lodging and to find what you are looking for.  Use Trip advisor for reviews.


Hostel anyone? https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g154948-d219677-Reviews-Whistler_Lodge_Hostel-Whistler_British_Columbia.html

Hotels?  https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g154948-Whistler_British_Columbia-Hotels.html

Ski in Ski Out? https://www.tripadvisor.com/Search?q=ski+in+ski+out&geo=154948&pid=3826&typeaheadRedirect=true&redirect=&startTime=1460421433693&uiOrigin=MASTHEAD&returnTo=__2F__Hotels__2D__g154948__2D__Whistler__5F__British__5F__Columbia__2D__Hotels__2E__html&searchSessionId=9C834FB1FA07404D92B4A690CAA360701460406992187ssid




Other options are AirBNB, Expedia.com and many other travel sites.


Book early to find what you are looking for.  Ask in the General Info Thread about locations you are considering and I will answer with what information I know, such as pros and cons of different villages (Creekside Village, the Village, Upper Village) or near by areas.


Whistler might take more planning than some past gatherings but it is well worth the extra planning. Side note; an impaired charge or any criminal conviction in your past can prevent you from being able to cross the border to Canada.  Just something to keep in mind.

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Only one thing to say :



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I just wanted to bump this (locked) thread for the @Gathermeister and also mention that Vail announced last week that Epic and Epic Local pass holders will get 5 days at WB this season. It's got some blackout days, but I don't think that will impact any of the days of the gathering. 

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A message from @Gathermeister ...


Rentals at Whistler/Blackcomb are kind of cool.  If you're staying in a resort hotel or lodge most run a Ski Concierge service at the bottom of the hill to collect your skis or rental skis at the end of the day from you so you don't have to carry them and bring them back to the bottom of the hill in the morning.  Check with your hotel to see if they offer it.


Then maybe you don't want to carry your own skis or you want to try a few different kinds while you're here.  If that's the case you can rent the Demo level skis for 7 days and you will be able to switch them out at an Whistler Blackcomb rental store on either of the mountains for as long as you like, 2 hours to try out some different types at the top of the Blackcomb and then turn them back in for what you had or keep them. You don't need to report back and fourth between then rental places they track it all and you just worry about the skis you are wearing or want next and for how long you'd like.  So you can wake up and say, I need a carver, or I need a fat ski for the meter of snow that fell that night.


Price of skis only, you bring boots:  Whistler Blackcomb Demo Skis Demo Skis - 7 Days CAD $294.39 ( USD $223.46) plus tax so add another CAD $329.72 ( USD $250.28) 


It might be worth it not to carry or pay for a couple of pairs of skis to come with you through airports and such and be able to try any available any time you want. 


if you want to price a different number of days or add boots and poles in, see this link.


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From the @Gathermeister ...


8:15 AM Morning Meet Ups!  I've decided on a meet up time and place for each morning.  Watching through the year, there is a nice open area at the Whistler Base that will make it easy and quiet to get grouped up and head up the mountain to any area a group wishes to ski.  Meet ups will be at 8:15 am (as the mountain is still quiet at this time and the lifts open).  Lunch meet up will be 11:00 am to make it possible to get seats.  Later and seats are not easy to obtain in on the mountain restaurants.  Lunch places will be announced each evening on the forum. 


So, here is a photo of the what is called Light towers at Whistler Blackcomb.  These are towers that show what runs and lifts are open.  There is a light tower on the side of the Blackcomb Gondola, these photos show the light tower and the wider view of the group up area yesterday morning.  Week days are pretty quiet at 8:15 am and weekends it's still not too bad if there at 8:15.  We can group up in the open area beside the light tower and head up the lift of your groups' choice (Whistler Gondola, Blackcomb Gondola and Fitzsimmon's chair head out of the base).  You can head to any area of either mountain from the Whistler Base and no matter where you are staying or park you can get to the Whistler Base through a ski down or transit over to the Whistler Gondola Exchange which is on the road right beside the Blackcomb Gondola, just up some stairs from it.


Close up of Blackcomb Base Light tower below, and Excalibur Gondola (Blackcomb Mountain Gondola)



Wider view of the area at 8:15 AM showing there is room there to do grouping and then head to the lifts.

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From @Gathermeister :

March 5, 2017

8:15 am - Meet up Beside Excalibur Gondola at Light Tower Base in Whistler Village.
11:00 am - Lunch, The Glacier Creek Lodge, Blackcomb side bottom of Jersey Cream Lift and Glacier Lift.

Tomorrow night I'll post lunch place for Monday.
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From @Gathermeister 


So Tomorrow morning


March 7, 2017


8:15 - meet up at Blackcomb Light tower beside Excalibur (Blackcomb) Gondola to group up by 8:30 and get on lifts.

11:00 to 11:15 - Lunch Meet up at the Whistler side, Roundhouse (top of Whistler Gondola) any late comers feel free to find us around this time.


Originally Posted by Gathermeister View Post

I'd like to post an area but I don't think, even on a slower day like tomorrow, all groups will find seating together.  So if you get there and see seating and room for more than one group, send messages as to the area you are in.  Other wise, secure seating for you group and then someone can have a look around for other groups if you need to see them or want to switch our groups for the afternoon.  Upstairs has more food choices, downstairs often has seats.

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Originally Posted by Gathermeister View Post



So the vote for next year's gathering...........  Glacier Creek Lodge (same as lunch today)


2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - Glacier Creek Lodge


Think about where you want to have it and volunteer to be gathermeister for where you'd like to have it.


Tuesday we will meet up at 2 to 2:15 pm at the Glacier Creek lodge and try to find a quiet corner (it is usually emptying by 2pm) to discuss and vote on this.  Aiming to have the vote done by 3pm and get another run in for any that want it or ski down for the day.

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Originally posted late in the evening of 3/6/17.  Applies to Tuesday, March 7.


Originally Posted by Gathermeister View Post

Okay so groups don't need to stop twice tomorrow, lunch and the vote.... Lunch will be latish. Feel free to stop for a snack as needed.  Almost forgot to post, sorry was falling asleep!



8:15  - Morning Meet up, same place, Excalibur Gondola


1:30 -  Lunch at the Glacier Creek Lodge.  Vote right after


2:00 to 2:15 - find space for vote.


Hopefully this is late enough to find space together.  I liked how empty the round house was today early but I didn't want to change the meet up for the vote tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

Okay so tomorrow morning meeting @dbostedo can repost this to the gathering thread )




March 8, 2016


8:15  - Morning Meet up, same place, Excalibur Gondola


11:15  - Rendevous, restaurant at the top of Blackcomb tomorrow morning


9:30 to 10:00 AM - some of us are going for breakfast at the Crystal Hut tomorrow morning if it's open and we will show up at lunch after it also but probably not eat lunch or stop too                                  long




March 9, 2017 - Possible morning meet up change. 


Some of us are seeing if we can buy fresh track tickets ($21.00) all you can eat breakfast, up the Whistler Gondola at 7:15 am and first corduroy tracks.  This is a heads up as that will mean the morning meet up will be up top of the Whistler Gondola at 9:15 am.  This is subject to change if we can't get the tickets.

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Posted very early in the morning of 3/9



Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

So tomorrow's meet up is looking a lot like 9:15 am at the bear outside the round house, top of Whistler. There will be an earlier meet up if you are going to first tracks breakfast. I will meet up with anyone going the first tracks breakfast at 7:00 AM in the Whistler Gondola Line UP.,

March 9, 2017 - 

7:00 am - Line up for First Tracks Whistler Gondola. (just an fyi, if we get a freak snow dump and you really want this go earlier)
9:15 am- top of Whistler Gondola
11:00 to 11:15 am - Chick Pea (down Upper Whiskey Jack) Where should we have lunch, lol? Chick Pea is pretty small, but might have room at 11.00 hmmmm. To be announced, soonish


Posted this on Pugski, guess i missed it here.  If seen by @dbostedo it can be moved to the main thread also.

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In case anyone sees this and wants to ski beginner or intermediate stuff before the meet up (this morning, March 9th), I'll be at the usual meet up spot about 8:15 for a few minutes, then head up the whistler gondola.
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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post
March 10, 2017  -
8:15 am - Meet up at Blackcomb Gondola light tower
11:00 to 11:15 am - I will Lunch at Glacier Creek Lodge, Blackcomb side;  If you group is happy how it is and you are skiing Whistler side you do not have to come to Blackcomb for Lunch
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Guess meet-ups are tough on a powder day. Currently in rendezvous if any intermediates see this. Prob be here until 10:15 or so, then nearby runs until lunch.
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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

Oh it's the only day we're meeting late, but feel free to find us at the light tower at the bottom of the bear outside the Roundhouse at noon


March 11, 2017 -

11:00 to 11:15 am - Meet up at Blackcomb Gondola light tower (i have to get moved from my hotel tomorrow morning)

12:00 - Lunch at the Roundhouse,  if you moved up top early you can meet us in front of the Roundhouse at the bear at noon.  We will probably ski a bit before eating lunch or have had it already.

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