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Pre-release problems

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On a old pair of Fishcer Hybrid 8.0's that I bought at a ski swap for $100, and they have Fischer demo bindings with the standard demo track (335-350 and abcde... etc.). I have been pre-releasing alot recently. I am 6' tall and 136lb without gear. When I land switch after small jumps, I pop out alot causing me to crash. When going faster through rougher terrain after a jump, a ski pops out and causes me to crash. I noticed that they pre-release almost exlusively after jumps, primarily switch. The only thing I have changed on the bindings from the ski shop settings was the DIN to 7 (from 6) in attemt to reconcile this. With my Axial2 120's that I have on my Powder skis, I set them to 6 and have had no problems. I think it may be a foward pressure issue but I cant seem to find the marker that tells me whether its fine or not. 


So whats wrong with them? Is my forward pressure off? Is it just a crappy demo binding (No other demo binding i've used had this problem)? Are my bindings broken? 

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Please post a few pictures of your bindings...especially from the rear as it is hard to advise on setting forward pressure with knowing exactly what binding you have or having a visual.


Some bindings have a screw below the DIN setting screw on the rear of the heel piece, that is used to set the forward pressure. Normally, the forward pressure is set correctly when the face of the screw is flush with the surrounding hole while the boot is engaged in the binding.  Do not adjust the screw with the boot in the binding as it can wreck the worm gear in the binding, instead put the boot in to check the forward pressure and then remove the boot to change the setting, then reinsert to check and repeat as needed.



Some bindings use a different indicator and adjustment system and some the adjustment is made by changing the boot sole length of the binding and cannot be fine-tuned so stated it is difficult to advise without knowing the exact binding or having a good visual.


Also, while rental bindings are typically beefy/heavy to withstand the use and abuse of the rental market, but I don't think companies really expect the majority of the folks who rent skis to be doing jumps and areal tricks; you may be subjecting your bindings to forces they were not designed for.  Perhaps you should think about mounting a set of bindings more suited to the type of skiing you are doing.



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Took it to the technician that adjusted them. He confirmed that the forward pressure was correctly set and those bindings just were not meant for anything more than some carving and gentle off-piste...

Don't have money for new bindings so i guess those will be put away for groomer days now that I got some soul 7's.
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Sometimes landing switch in chunky stuff can cause the brake to catch and then release the binding.  How tight are the brakes against the sidewalls?

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One break is nice and tight. The other hangs a little low because it bent during a switch landing when the ski popped out.

Never tried to land switch on anything but groomed kickers and side hits onto smooth surfaces though. Only time I jump into junk is straight airs with a grab thrown in.
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I hope you checked out this site before you decided you can afford bindings


Great people to work with.

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