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I got a new car...

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I bought the new Aston Martin. Cost a bundle.
Being a bloke, I didn't read any of the manuals, just drove it, but I couldn't get the radio working, so after a couple of days, I brought it back to the dealer, complaining that the radio wasn't working.
"Sir" ,said the sales manager, "the audio system in
this car is completely automatic.
All you need to do is tell it what you want to listen to,
and you will hear exactly that!"

I was a bit amazed at this as I drove off the forecourt, but thought I'd try it out, so I looked at the radio and said "Nelson". The radio responded, "Ricky or Willie?" Soon, I was speeding down the highway to the sounds of "On the road
again". It was amazing! If I wanted Beethoven, that's what I got. If I wanted Nat King Cole, I got it.

At a set of traffic lights, mine turned green and I pulled out. Off to my right, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small sports utility vehicle speeding toward me. I swerved and narrowly missed a head-on collision.

"ARSEHOLE", I muttered. And, from the radio........"Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States..."

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You got me...I was reading and believing, didn't notice the topic...this is a good one.
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You believed that Fox could afford an Aston Martin?

Now THAT'S a good one.
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Just don't say narry a word bout' Queen Mum? Is Maggie Thatcher fair game ???
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Everyone's fair game. (I'd thought of saying it was Tony B.Liar)
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Hey, the Queen Mum is : , literally :
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