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ad problems

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Originally Posted by moreoutdoor View Post
On another note - The EPICSKI / On the SNow site site is TOTALLY annoying and locks up my browsers constantly with all the calls to AD URLS that hang the page in the Kuiper Belt !!!  CHrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Green Browser, Midori - they all go into lockdown after I'm on Epic for a little while, on 4 diffferent toptier machines.  Truely SO BAD that I can't really justify being so frustrated by this site! MODS, webguys, WHEN YOU GET THIS FIXED, feel free to drop me a note... until then, bye


mod note: this was originally part of a post in this thread in the general skiing forum

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We need the OS being used and details about the Internet connection. If you could do a traceroute to one of the ad urls that would also be helpful. I can not replicate this problem on my PC.

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I sent him a PM to tell him how to turn off ads in his profile.

It doesn't kill all the ads but a lot of the feeds go away when you turn off advertisements.
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I did the same last night.
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I did too.

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@moreoutdoor any other information you could provide would be helpful. 

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