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choosing liners

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Hi I am skiing with a lange RS SC junior boot bc the ladies boots are all too large and my foot is smaller  (21.5).  The problem is that the boot fits lengthwise but has a lot of extra room around the ankle and heel.  I am considering an intuition liner and confused as to what would make most sense....a luxury liner HV liner, a luxury women's liner (described as medium volume) or a godiva liner.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to what would best fit (and fill out the shell)?  thank you

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if heel hold is the primary problem then i would suggest looking at Zipfit as an option, the cork flow packs can be topped up if you need a little more grip and they make a true 21.5 liner (look at the grand prix  version)

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what CEM said


if you want to go intuition (lighter and warmer) go for the thickest and highest volume liner you can.   Best to call intuition and ask them what you should get

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