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Spring 2016 Bargains

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Well in the NE it's been a rough season. Simple evidence is what's available to purchase now on deep discount. There's always spring sales but this year they have models and sizes you want. Skis, boots, especially clothing. Most at 40-50% off, some more.

The stores around Killington are packed with stuff on sale. I'd imagine Stowe also.
I can't beleve how much nice clothing is available in useful sizes.

You want Strafe?, Fly Low, Dynafit, Rab, Phenix, Kjus, Mammut, Marmot, Millet, Nils, North Face, Spyder..All available at these Killington stores.

Today, we got 4 epic/pug people skis. Really nice skis. ( This is posted on pugski)
I got:

Blizzard FIS SL 165.
I've never seen 165 Fis slaloms in stores at this time of year. Geez, now I need bindings. Will older Marker race fit?

Another ski, the Big Kahuna, the delicate slayer of open slopes, the Mac Daddy, the Silver Prince...the 2016 Stockli SR 95. In 183cm. It pains me it didn't come with me, but it went to a great home.
It shall be seen at Abasin in May.

Another ski soon to be seen at Abasin.
Volkl 100eight 157cm Lady's Powder Surfer. Very nice looking ski. Light! But with flexible power.

Finally, the Ultimate Classic.
Kastle MX 88, 178cm with K12 CTI Binding. Seperate Toe and Heel adjustment for binding position tweaking till you loose your mind.
Here's the rail.

There's still lot's of stuff!!
Kastle Mx88 in 168, 188. Fx95hp in 166. Fx94, 84, the 2nd gen. I think the 94 was 176 and maybe a 166. Can't remember the Fx84.

A beautiful Volkl Code S with motion rail binding and Uvo. 173cm. Goodness that was tempting. Very, very nice flex and a very good looking ski.

Volkl cheater gs skis eith Uvo. Blizzard Wrc cheaters, Blizzard Fis Gs skis.
Volkl Rtm86's in 167?-181 3 sizes in there. Rtm 81's 2 or 3 sizes to 181.
Cochise 193cm. Etc, etc.
All above at 50% off.

Northern Ski Works
(802) 422-9675

Lots of race and other skis at
Peak Performance
(802) 422-9447

Tons of Clothes, skis, snowboards and gear at:
Basin Ski Shop
(802) 422-3234

More Smorgasboard of Ski and Boards and clothes at Aspen East. The store with a VW Bug on the wall. Welded to the building frame.
Aspen East
(866) 422-3739 toll free
(802) 422-3739

More tele oriented, but had great clothing snd some very light skis. Plus a Head Maya 8 in a 170 that really looked beautiful. Would work for a light guy too. Was $199. (Might take less) Fischer Rangers, some Zero g's etc.

Terrible website, nothing on it really. But they've got nice clothes! Strafe, Fly Low, Mammut, Dynafit etc.

Base Camp Outfitters
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(But ouch.)

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