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New 2015 RX 350?

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Anyone know of any new last year's Rx 350's on dealer's lots?

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Run a search on -- use the "advanced search" for added filters.  Probably some great deals on 2 yo off-lease cars, too.  (my old uncle Ott used to say, "why should I buy a new Chevy when I can buy a 2 yo Cadillac?)

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If you can find an issue of Automotive News, or pay up to their website, you can see dealer incentives and sales summarized.  They used to print unsold inventory numbers so you could figure out what was and was not selling.  Gives you a bit more leverage.  Or just call a broker..

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I bought a 2015 RX350 under 4,800 miles with Nav, 19" wheels, towing pkg. and saddle interior for $40k. Some have done better but after shopping several 2016 models it was my pick. Only option I miss is the emergency braking package. I was frankly surprised it wasn't included since it was standard on my 2013 Volvo. My bad for not checking the fine print. I thought it was included.

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