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Narrower heel pocket than Lange RS 110?

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Hi guys, 


I soon need to replace my Lange RS 110s. They've served me well, but they're 4 seasons old, the duct tape is falling apart, the "lange" letters are all scraped off, and they're actually becoming harder to get out of, of all things. 


When I replace them I'd like a boot with a narrower heel pocket. I have a lot of open space between the heel and the ankle bone. Is there a boot that's much more snug in that area? I've worked around it with Intuition liners and extra padding taped into the gap, but I'd rather start with a perfect shell fit.  

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Look into Fischer vacuum.. Could be a nice option..
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Thank you; I will look at the pricing at the shop. Any other options that fit like a Lange but with a more snug heel cup?

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no offense metaphor...


picking a boot off of an internet suggestion makes as much sense as picking a boot off the internet.


1. the way a boot fits is not defined by one element or one dimension. there are many 98 or 97 mm 110 flex boots that have a narrower heel dimension than the lange. that said it takes many more dimensions than heel width to hold the heel down and back for the life of a boot. what makes a boot fit your foot well is the sum of the pieces like shell and liner, and the dimensions of the shell shape.


2. this time of the season boot inventories are very low, so you are searching at a time that having more than one choice of a 98mm 110 is not very good odds. wouldn't make more sense to wait until you can try on multiple boots in that width and flex, so you can feel for yourself all of the fit parameters that make a good boot fit? i am not saying that you could not get lucky and find the best fit at a great price, what i am saying is the chances are slim, and your ability to "cage match" a few good choices might be compromised this time of year. 



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Hi Jim,

I totally get it. I'm just never sure if the boot fitter is picking the best boot for me, or if they're picking the best boot from their potentially limited stock. But like you've pointed out, i should probably just come back in October (even though the sales are on now... Ooh it's killing me)
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