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I-70 Resorts Question

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Greetings Folks,

Quick question: out of Loveland, A-Basin, Copper, Keystone, and Vail which resort's runs fair best with these warm spring temps. I've been at Breck this week and would like to branch out a bit. Thanks Much!!!
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Copper and A-Basin have more north facing terrain.  A-Basin and Loveland are the highest.


You need to pair the terrain with the temperatures and sun exposure.  If it is or has been cold, look for slopes with direct sun exposure.  If it is warm, look for high altitude and north facing.


At Breck, your best bets are the top of peaks 6, 7, and 8.  George's Thumb, for example, is a classic spring skiing slope.  At Copper, I like Union Peak, Jupiter Bowl, and the runs off of Alpine.  You can also get some nice warming on Resolution as long as it isn't either too cold or too late in the day.



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Before buying a ticket for Copper you might want to look at the trail report and the trail map to make sure where you want to ski is open.

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Spring skiing at A-Basin is special for reasons going beyond snow conditions, but their high altitude generally preserves snow better than their Summit Co. neighbors. Definitely not Keystone.
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It has been so warm the last few days, that I am sure everyone is affected to some extend. Definite mash potatoes lower down at Vail yesterday (on front side, parts of the back could have been worse), but overall, coverage is still pretty good and I like skiing soft bumps. 


As Mike H alluded to, there are a number of factors to consider. I'll add that what type of terrain you are looking for also makes a difference. i.e. Breck has some nice high altitude terrain that tends to be less affected by the warm temps, but if you aren't into Whale's tail, etc. then it may not work for you. Hard to make specific recommendations without knowing what you are into, but A-B, Copper, LL, or even KS & Vail might work for you.

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