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Seems like you put it through the test also so good to know it excels with jumping and crud also.

I ski the northeast so I have narrow skis for the pure boiler plate days but wanted to find a fatter "powder"ish sorta ski that I'd bring out in soft snow, slush and just overall mixed conditions.  I have Volkl Kenjas but wanted something in the 95-100 range.  Being that I ski in western Mass and Vermont there's almost always hard pack somewhere so I really wanted my "fatter" ski to kill it in the hard pack as well.   One day in Vermont in early March it was a straight up frozen granular day so I thought it would be a good day to demo"fatties" because if the ski did well on a day like today than it would be the perfect ski for what I wanted.   The 90Eights impressed me and then some.  Gripped the hard pack like a champ, held a great edge and really was fun to carve.  I started feeling good on these things and started going faster and faster and they stayed right there with me.  Bada bing, this is what I want.   Second place went to the Nordica Nrgy 90.  Man those 90Eights were fun to ski though.  I can't wait to ski them in powder and they are going to be my best friend next end of season when its spring conditions everywhere.  

I am used to skis with metal so it blew me away that the 90Eights don't have any.  Cheers to Volkl and their 3D Ridge Construction, they've got a winner on their hands.  I could truly see this ski being a OSQ

I also skied the nrgy 90 the same day. I felt like the nrgy 90 didn't lock into a carve as easily and I couldn't play with my turn shape as much. I live in Utah so the 90eight is a skiny ski wink.gif. The width and little bit of rocker makes me think the 90eight should perform decently in pow. Better than anything that carves as well.