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I already posted this under Racing but it deserves some more exposure.  US Olympian Justin Reiter was the snowboarding pacesetter at this year's NASTAR Nationals at Steamboat.  At the morning slalom race the finish order of the pacesetters (all Olympians) was Casey Puckett, Justin Reiter, Jackie Wiles, AJ Kitt, and Jake Fiala.  AJ was heard to remark "He beat me straight up!".  Spectators were in awe of his runs and more than one ski racer told me that that convinced them to try hardbooting.  His margin of victory over Jackie Wiles on their second head-to-head run was 0.01 seconds.  Click on the image below to watch their first run.


They finished in the same order in the afternoon with 5 time Olympian Casey beating Justin by only 3/10 of a second.