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Another Ski recommendation thread [advanced skier, father, Colorado]

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i'm sure these threads get old..... i've done a ton of reading on this and other forums on many different skis and just looking for a little advice that may help sway the decision.  i've been skiing on Salomon Pocket rockets for the past 10 years and new skis are long over due.  i love love the pocket rockets but they are beat up.


36 yrs old



advanced skier 

ski 15-20 days a year

Colorado (northern and central mountains)



i ski all over the mountain..... bowls, trees, groomers/trees with my son, moguls, pretty much everywhere but the park.  As i get older i notice i'm slowing down a bit but still ski fairly aggressive.  Don't really enjoy deep steep moguls.  I'm looking for a fun all mountain ski around the 100mm waist.  Here is a list i'm looking at but open to suggestions.



Blizzard Peacemaker

Enforcer 100

Salomon Rocker 100

Soul Rider

Armada TST


Appreciate any thoughts/feedback


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That is an excellent list, hard to not like any of your choices. The Enforcer sticks out a little, as it is a bit 'different' in feel from the others. I would add the Faction Prodigy to your list and say "Go Demo some skis!". You might be shocked at how much better they all perform than your current ski. The Pocket Rocket changed the ski industry... but there is no way that a moderately aggressive skier that weighs 180lbs can ski 200 days on a pair without them becoming a lifeless wet noodle. You will love new skis.

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I keep pimping it on these boards, yet no one is mentioning it on their "I'm thinking of these skis list..." - Rossi E100. I'm 36, 225, 6'3" and don't get 20 days on the mountain (had 10 this year and that was a good year!), mainly Utah. Demoed the E100 at Deer Valley on a very spring-like day in early March and absolutely loved them. Felt good all over the mountain. Very stable at speed and easy to turn. I'd give 'em a shot if I was you.

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Your post does not indicate where you live. I agree with Whiteroom that you will be in for a treat when you demo current skis. If you live in Colorado, consider Loveland's demo day held in early November. It is a great chance to try many different skis and give you a chance to narrow your list.

I love demo day. Yes, you will hear that it is impossible to get the feel for the ski in early season, man made conditions. I disagree and think it is an excellent chance to compare many different skis and to help you refine your list.
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Just to clarify, I live on the front range of Colorado but moved here 3 years ago so the Pocket Rockets don't have close to 200 days on them. That being said I believe they are hitting that noodle stage. I know demo days are the best way to try out different Skiis, just not sit wi can wait for next season to pull the trigger.
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If you like the PR feel and handling, obviously the Rocker 100. Many here love the Soul Rider, TST is playful like the PR but bit more power, agree with Whiteroom that the Enforcer is a bit of an outlier, apparently great ski but curious why it's in your list.
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My SO really liked the Enforcer, and both of us have tried the Nordica NRGY 100s and we both really liked them. The NRGY 100s are really great in soft snow, trees, bumps and really easy to ski. I have a review of them listed in the gear reviews. SO is thinking they might be his next all mountain skis for here in the Rockies. 

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The Enforcer is in the list mainly because several reviews I've read speak to it being a fun playful responsive ski.
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