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First Set of New Skis

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Hi Everyone,


After probably a decade of skiing on used skis and rentals, I finally purchased some new skis ('16 Blizzard Bonafide).  The guy at the store said not to touch them because this is the "best they'll ever be" in terms of wax and edges.  I'm fine with the edges, I believe they come from the factory at 1/3 but in any case when I demo'd them whatever the factory set it at worked great for me.  But I do want to wax them, mainly because they'll be in storage in a high humid environment (unavoidable). 


Is the salesman telling the truth or just blowing smoke?  I want to put a thick coat of wax on them to keep the edges from rusting.  Is this a good idea?  Anything else I can do?

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I've found very few things I couldn't make better.

I've found very few things I couldn't make worse.

In my opinion, the salesman isn't fully correct and can't be. Let's say the base structure and edges are perfect (that means for you as this is a preference). Wax should be applied based on conditions. So if the wax that is on them now, is perfect for "now" how could it also be perfect for when you ski them next season. Did he say they have the perfect storage wax?

I'm f you feel the edges are OK as is, wax them to whatever you want. Maybe they'll be better. Maybe the won't. Another thing to consider is most shops put cheap wax on them, and that is better than what the manufacturer put on them. What you put on them (unless you buy cheap wax) will be either than either.

Wax away.

Have fun,
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Let's not assume even for one second that the tune on demo skis is the same as they came from the factory. Unless you watched them mount the demo bindings in front of you and put the skis in your hands, I would assume those demos have been out a few times and tuned a few times since they arrived. And the shop is very unlikely to have looked up whatever the factory setting is for each set of skis they send through the grinder.
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A ski should come from the factory with sharp edges and should but doesn't always come from the factory with a flat base.


A new ski should be waxed before use if possible because the factory waxing is minimal. If you buy skis while at a resort and don't have time to wax them and just go skiing, there is no real problem, just slightly less on snow performance.


Most shops in my area, if you just ask for a sharpening and don't specify edge angles, then you will get a 1/1.


According to the western Canada Blizzard rep the Bonafide comes with 1/2 edge angles. That was a few years ago so the factory may have changed it but to me it seems 1/2 would be all that is needed for a soft snow ski like the Bonafide.


For storage waxing, rub the edges with wax first, then a thick layer of hot wax.

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