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Hikable boot options for small (22./22.5) low volume foot?

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Hi folks, thanks for letting us pick your brains about boots!!


I currently ski in Dalbello Kryzma's in a 22.0 and these are the first boots that have ever fit me properly. Trouble is, I ski at a resort with a lot of hiking available (www.brokenriver.co.nz), and would like a version of this boot that I can actually walk in (like the Lupo). The 98mm last seems to suit me well. Can you provide any comment on other options that would fit similarly to the Kryzma with similar stiffness? (Mine is a few years older model, the brown and black ones with tartan liner). I'm considering the Lange XT LV, and the Dalbello Kyra 95. I'm pretty sure I've tried on a Kyra and they are too high volume for me, similarly with the Technica Cochise low volume (the pale blue boot). I really like the cabrio style rather than overlap shell but it seems that Dalbello haven't made a womens version of the Lupo. With the Langes I'm a bit concerned the 110 flex might be too stiff with the overlap shell; our resort is 90% ungroomed and my boot has to be able to handle whatever crud or nastiness the snow gods throw at us, so I don't want a boot that will be too much for me. I'd consider myself advanced but not expert, I can ski most parts of the resort if conditions are good, not super aggressive and tend to be more tentative if it's particularly steep or nasty, 160lbs. Skiing on 162 Atomic Vantage 95C.


Any suggestions of boots that would fit and flex like the Kryzma that have a hikable sole and walk mode that I could take a look at would be greatly appreciated. We are coming into our autumn (its starting to get cold although we've still had a few hot days the last few weeks) and I'm starting to think about boot shopping for next season!


Also, my liners have packed out a bit, which model Intuition would be a similar thickness to the stock Dalbello liner? I bought a pair on New Zealand's version of ebay only to find they are too  thick to fit in my shells. If I can't find a suitable replacement boot I will replace my liners and keep the Kryzmas going for another season in the hope that Dalbello will bring in a new model with 98mm last AND walk mode!  Thanks, Megan :o)

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always difficult without seeing your foot, but for what you are describing the lange sounds like a place to start, it is not a serious 110 flex, also coming for next season technica have a new cochise which although a 99mm last has less volume than previously over the instep and is available in a 105 which fits a tech binding, or softer option for alpine only bindings 


as for the Kyra, it will be far too high volume for you from what you describe

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does the lupo go to a 22?

also look at some dynafit options (TLT and murcury and other 3 part boots)

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