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Tahoe ?

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I will be arriving in SLT April 3rd and skiing for probably four days. Will be staying at the Ridge Tahoe timeshare near the Nevada side of Heavenly and will have a car. My only previous Tahoe experience was Heavenly during a snowstorm many, many years ago.


I am planning on skiing one day at Heavenly and one day at Squaw. My preference for skiing is longish, steepish groomers accessed  by fast lifts. (Hard to beat my home mountain, Sun Valley).


Wondering if anybody has recommendation on other or additional places to try?


Searching on Epic Ski and the web in general indicates not much in the way of discount tickets better than the resorts  on-line advance purchase. Any other suggestions? I am 69 and have a Sun Valley season pass. I think I could get free tickets at Sugar Bowl, but it looks like a long drive from SLT.

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If you are at the Ridge, then indeed heavenly is the easiest.  Any other resort is 1hour away.    


As far as the drive, we are in spring conditions so everything is somewhat on an accelerated time schedule, and each run may turn from Icy, to hero for 1 hour, to slop and you need to move to the next area.  You will need to set your expectations that it may start to get slushy, chopped up or sticky by 2 or 3pm and time to head to the lodge or bar  to enjoy apres ski in the warm sun. So perhaps you'll want to drive anyway to check something else out.


If you go with heavenly, then with the vail resorts multiday pass you get kirkwood and northstar.


Kirkwood is more for unmanicured terrain, with slow lifts so it is not for what you stated you like to do.  If you do want the "interesting" terrain though kirkwood is a special place.


Northstar has steeper groomers but is at lower elevation so may start melting near the bottom.  However, the runs at northstar tend to be completely straight versus at least at heavenly there are a few curves and cambers so are a bit more lackluster.

So of the 3 vail resortsheavenly is your best bet to rack up groomer vert.  


The best groomers you should do are:

NV side: Olympic through Stagecoach run (esp in the morning)

NV upper mtn: comet run. 

CA side: Ellies run (if recently groomed), otherwise High five.


Northstar: lots of groomers here, just check for grooming report of the day.


drifter castle peak




If you're skiing 4 days,1 day heav. 1 day squaw.  

If you're at the ridge, you might as well do 2days at heavenly just for the convenience.  Which leaves you just 1 day left.

I'd say your best bet for the floater day might be Northstar-3days of vail resorts, or perhaps Mt Rose.  The only other "close" resort is Sierra At tahoe, and I haven't skied there for 3years.


Unfortunately the VR tickets don't have discounts. If that is playing a role, hopefully you can hook up with someone to go to the window with you for buddy tickets; or the 3day multiday pass, but def keep the expectation in mind the window price is "not worth it" and is kept

artificially high to lockdown the epicppass sales.  If you're getting free tickets somehow, that definitely should factor into your equation.


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Thanks for the info.

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Diamond Peak has $35 lift tickets for passholders from other resorts (edited to add only 29 miles/46 minutes from Ridge Tahoe according to Google maps. Note that Sierra-at-Tahoe is also only 23.5 miles/47 minutes from where you are staying and has received over 450" of snow this season. Discount tickets for Sierra are usually available at Lakeside Inn and they give you a free ticket on day you arrive Reno airport- see )

Diamond Peak has one high-speed chair with a long groomed intermediate run on each side, one with a great view of Lake Tahoe. But they are located in warmer area so can turn to Spring conditions earlier than other places. A lot shorter drive than Squaw where your Sun Valley pass may give you 1/2 price ticket as part of Mountain Collective.
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