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Looking to Buy 1st set All Mountain for Colorado

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Glad to find this site and hope I can get some stuff narrowed down to buy my first set of skis.  Hoping to find a season clearance deal to take advantage for next year.  Anyway here is my history.  Moved to Buena Vista, CO from Texas last year.  Prior to that Id been 9 days in my life. Now Ive been ALOT due to my work schedule.  I bought my boots first thing last year so thats handled.  I rented my skis as I knew I would get exponentially better this year.  The skis I rented were Rossi S80 165cm.  Im 195-200# and 5'11".  I mostly ski Monarch and occasionally Cooper (not Copper).  Also spent a few days at Jackson Hole last week.  Will be venturing out to other places next year.  Id rate myself a level 7ish but can ski moguls and will drop in on any black diamond Ive encountered so far.....allthough still learning to get my rhythm in the steep moguled sections.  I enjoy groomer runs with the family and my kids love the trees but Im not comfortable enuff to do full throttle assaults when it starts getting tight.  I like running down the groomers high speed as well......wouldnt exactly call it carving for me but whatever. The main thing is Im 37 and if I get hurt I cant work.....therefore Im a cautious skiier.  Im starting to enjoy getting off the beaten path more and enjoy the fresh powder and playing in the tree groves after the powder is packed. Sorry dont know all the ski lingo so bare with me.  


Today I demo'd some Volkl Kendo in 170 length and I REALLY liked them.  I told them I was looking to buy and they recommended the Mantra as a good one ski quiver selection.  They had a set in 170 length that had only been out like 4 times with Marker Griffon bindings for $5-550 range.  From what Ive read on here it seems that my weight and height suggest a longer ski than my rentals OR the demos I took out today.


Ive looked online at Bonafides, Mantras, Nrgy.....cant afford the Stormriders and such.  This will be my only ski.  thanks in advance!

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Welcome to Epic.  At your size, you should be looking at skis in the 175-180cm range.  I'm 5'7", 150 pounds and my daily driver is a 177cm Nordica Soul Rider.  My powder ski is a 184cm ON3P Billy Goat.  My son is 6'0", 165 pounds and his favorite ski is a 185cm Nordica Enforcer S.  I'd recommend you try to demo a 180 Bonafide, 177 or 185 Nordica Enforcer S(100mm), 180cm Atomic Vantage CTi, and 174 or 180 Fischer Motive 95Ti.  I think any one of those four skis will do it for you and if you happen to like all four, just buy whichever one is cheapest.  I've skied all of them and any one will make a good one ski quiver for Monarch and Cooper.


One thing though, cautious skiers don't "run" down groomers at high speed.

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Well I dont run down groomed blacks wide open.  Referring to the last run into the base area....greens/blues depending on where you are.  My Rossi rentals got sketchy at high speeds like that.  The Kendos I ran felt like I coulda went faster.  My local shop only sales Volkl so grabbing any Bonafides to demo are out as far as I know.

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Are demos available at Monarch?

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You know I dont know.  I THINK they only do rentals.  Ill call tomorrow and ask.  I know they had some demo days back early season but I wouldnt have know what I was even after then.

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Well after talking to numerous folks today in Denver shops I found a set of super nice demo Bonafides that were 173 length with Marker Griffon bindings for $500 bucks. They had the 180s but damn they just seemed long. Gona hit Monarch tomorrow and try em out. If they dont work for me then I can probably recoup most of my money on the used market.
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