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Since we're bringing up a few classics lately...

A young, attractive women worked at an old fashioned grocery store. In addition to being beautiful, however, she was quite naive. Every day, she always wore very short skirts to work. Also, every day, the boys from her school would come to store to purchase whatever was on the top shelf above the counter. Because she had to climb the ladder to get the items on the top shelf, the boys would look up and giggle away at thier view.

Being naive, the poor girl tried to rearrange the items one morning so that she wouldn't have to climb the ladder when the boys showed up. That afternoon, sure enough three boys came into the store.

The first boy looked up at what was on the top shelf and asked, "Can I have some Raisin Bread, please?"

The poor girl look up, saw the raisin bread, climbed up to the top shelf get the loaf and brought it down to the boy.

After paying, the second boy piped up, "Can I have some raisin bread, please?"

The girl, once again climbed up the ladder, got the bread, climbed back down again and gave the second boy his bread while they snickered away.

Finally, the third boy came to front and said, "I want some raisin bread too, please?

So, once again the girl climbed up the ladder to get the bread. While she was up there, she noticed that an old man had been standing behind the boys for some time. Hoping to save herself another trip up the ladder, she called down to the old man, "Is your's raisin, too?"

The old man looked and said, "Nope. But it's a twitchin' a mite."