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RIP Antoine Demoitie

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Seriously..the bicycle/motorized vehicle debacle has to be fixed..


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the broadcast really din't even mention this mishap...


but, yes, way toooo much motorized activity wound in and around the actual racing.


There was a point during the race when Kuznetsov  was away some 40 secs. and the lead camera moto showed a wide shot of the entourage surrounding him - I counted 11 motos! besides the team car and the Commissar's auto. Let's say there's 2 OK, important break, maybe 3 camera motos - what is all the other bullshit around him ???  !!! Had any of them had an incident - the whole group would have been a cluster-fuck.

And the motos shadowing the peloton, constantly dicing to get in front of or behind the field...

Gent-Wevelgem, like many of the spring classics, is KNOWN for it's scrappy, narrow, roads.

on the last descent of the kemmelberg, one guy had dropped his behemoth Kawasaki right in a very tight, narrow 120 deg turn, just before the riders were due through... it took 4 fat guys to lift the bike, so it could be moved...  just stoopid.

something like this was bound to happen. Because no action will likely be taken, it will fall on the riders and riders association to shut this and the organizers down! The whole structure of pro cycling is bass-ackwards.

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