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First trip to Aspen [late March, early April 2016]

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Hello,  I'm headed out on Monday the 28th and staying in Snowmass for a week of spring break skiing with my kids and wife.  The kid are 15 and 12 and are good intermediate  skiers, the wife keeps us back a little bit.  If there is anyone out there in the four mountain vicinity I would love to meet them and  gain any local knowledge.  I've been skiing out west for the last 30 years but haven't been to Aspen.  Looks like we are going to get some snow through the week, something I missed with my guys trip to Tahoe last month.  That place totally got dumped on after we left town.  All we had was spring skiing in early February at Kirkwood, Northstar, Heavenly and Homewood. Like I said, I'd welcome anyone to ski with or get any local info from.  Thanks, Marc

 You can contact me via PM if you're out there.


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I'm in (almost) exactly the same boat. First trip to Aspen, going to be there Wednesday thru Friday. I've skied just about every large resort out west, but never Aspen. Looking for advice on advanced/expert terrain.

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I added Aspen/Snowmass to Topics Discussed (technically a tag) in the right hand column.  Click on it for a list of related threads.  Click on More to see all the threads, which also shows which forum a thread was in.  The trip reports and recent Gathering threads should give you some ideas.


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I learned a lot from this thread about the Highlands Bowl when I was thinking about going to the Aspen Gathering.



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14" last night and more on the way.
Aspen and Highland have the most accessible expert terrain. Snowmass has some, but it's much more spread out and can take multiple lifts to lap.
I'm there all next week. I have a large party and a very full schedule, but I'll send you both my # and we'll see if we can work something out!
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Snowmass expert terrain:  Cirque, Ptarmigan, AMF, Gowdy's, KT Gully, Rock Island.  Best to start with the Cirque/Headwall, if that goes well, then head down to AMF.  Gowdy's has a large cornice -- the entrance on skier's left is pretty mellow, but there are rocks to navigate and it is steep.  Currently, the crud is sun affected, but that'll probably change today...  I've not skied KT Gully or Rock Island in the past couple of weeks (other than the lower slopes traversing from above).


The Hanging Valley is skiing quite well at the moment.  It will be even better tomorrow/later in the week.


Highlands:  Well, the bowl.  Of course, there is no need to hike to bowl to find fantastic terrain.  Temerity, Steeplechase, Oly bowl on the upper mountain.  Steeplechase is likely to be sun affected on the skier's left side of the runs due to sun exposure and the heat we've had the last couple of days.  That'll change as the storm adds fresh.  On the lower mountain, there's the P-chutes.  Great terrain, but all of it requires your A game.


Ajax:  Like Highlands, it's a ridge oriented mountain.  The expert terrain is skiing the ridge lines, like Hyrups, Walshs, Gentleman's ridge, The shoulder, face, or nose of the Bell, or the lines off of International.  Lower on the mountain, I like Franklin dump.  Although any of the dumps are fun.


There's tons of expert terrain at all three of these mountains.  Getting around, finding the best snow, and what terrain is skiing well requires a lot of local and current knowledge.  I'd suggest hiring an instructor to get some tips, match terrain to your skiing abilities, keep you from falling off of some of the unmarked cliffs, and provide some tips.  Group less sizes are generally pretty small, and often result in a private at the upper levels.



Best of luck.



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