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What ski boot to get

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Hello everyone. I am a 24 year old male looking for boot advice. I am 6'2" 215lbs and a moderately aggressive skier. This is my first season up in several years and I have been using a daleboot vff pro which I have been having a lot of heel lift issues with. They are supposed to be fixing it for me but I was thinking of grabbing a second set of boots anyway. I mostly ski off piste stiff here in the Pacific Northwest. May take a few groomer laps throughout the day but 80% is off piste. I recently tried the Tecnica mach1 130 lv and while it felt really good in the store it cut off circulation to my entire right foot while on the slopes and made my toes go numb in the left foot. I mostly attribute this to it being pretty tight around the I step area but not 100% sure. My left foot is a 12 and my right foot is a 12.5. I have a width that lands right in between "C" and "D", I have a high instep, and medium-high calf volume. If anyone could give some advice on what to do, or boots to try, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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You don't go into a store knowing what boot to buy.


You need to find a great boot fitter, The boot fitter will talk with you about your skiing, he'll inspect the bones in your feet, watch you walk, check the soles of your old shoes your wore into the shop. He'll check your knee alignment, ankle flex. The recommend a few boots for you to try.


If that doesn't happen, walk away and find a better boot fitter.


My boot fitter or his employee's do that every time I go in for new boots from him. In over 20 years, I have not bought boots from anyone else.


Read the sticky up top about buying boots.


Boots are the most important part.

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If you're using a daleboot,  you're already used to paying >$1000 to get a custom fitted boots already-that you aren't satisfied with, you sorta need to explain more what you're looking for in the alternative.  Or are you saying this was someone else's hand-me-down daleboot and wasn't made for you?


What exactly are you looking for?   If you're looking for the same of tier of full-custom boot as an alternative, that's still off-the-shelf, the 2 types you want to consider are the fischer vacuum or perhaps Salomon xmax, as both of these have shells that are intended to be form mold to your foot and so are always intended to be "customized" to your feet.


Otherwise, if your question is on a non-custom boot that gets customized to you, you need to just find a bootfitter that can evaluate and pick the boot that fits your foot closest and then tweak and adjust it to your specific needs.


So end of the day, you need to go to the bootfitter, but the fischer vacuum and salomon are the ones intended to always be custom formed

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You don't say where you are, but I would recommend you take your existing boots to Sturtevant's main store in Bellevue.  They have a terrific boot dept. and can do any modification needed.  They know their stuff, and have all the tools, ovens, & equipment to do it.  They also have a terrific stock of many brands of new boots, and the expertise to make a recommendation based upon your level and what you're looking for.  Most everything is 40% off right now, if not more.


Alpine Hut on 15th Ave. W. in Magnolia (Seattle) is also supposed to be good, and they'll TELL you they're the best (o.k....), but I was most impressed with Sturtevant's.  They did a quick fix for me recently - no charge - and the fitter did much of what Max C. detailed above that they should do before he ever touched my boots.  Had me stand, looked at my feet, ankles, knees, etc.

If you're on the E. side of the state, I would guess there would be a decent boot fitter in a shop in Spokane or near Sandpoint/Schweitzer Basin, ID, or thereabouts.  Ditto B'ham.  Dunno about NCW.

REI may offer some help, as well.  Excellent customer service.  But as much as I love REI, the edge, for me, goes to Sturtevant's.

No connection, other than they've made me a believer.  Check this out:

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