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Side angle question

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Hi everyone,

I have a pair of atomic doubledeck 3.0 redster sl skis, and took them into the shop to get them tuned up. I wasnt sure what all the angles were, but the guy told me it is likely 1 for the base and 2 for the side. I have a suspicion that perhaps he didn't measure the existing angle, and made the new cut with 1 and 2. Does anyone know a place where I can find out the factory angles, and is it going to remove too much material going back to it, if it is indeed an error?

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ScottsSkier or Atomicman will have the best answer. Typically SL should be at least a 1/3, a lot are set more aggressive.
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Standard on the redster SL is 1/3.  Personally i prefer 0.5/3 or .5/4 on a slalom but I would most certainly not run it with 2 on the side edge.  Easy fix though, unlike decreasing the base angle

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Don't worry about "factory angles". Worry about what you like. Half the time skis come from the factory inconsistent from ski to ski or even along the whole edge of one ski. Then, too, some shops do a quick tune to whatever they like, without regard to the factory tune, before you ever get on them. Yeah, probably this guy didn't measure the angle. But do you like what they did?

If the answer is no, then what is it that you don't like? Without knowing that, then telling you to go to 1/3 or .5/2 or whatever is just people telling you what THEY like.

Also, how are you using them and where? Do you plan to do your own tuning? I like a 1/3 on my groomer skis, but 1/2 on my powder skis. But I do my own tuning, so can change my mind any time.

The average Joe wouldn't like a .5 base edge, but many people here do. It engages the edge more quickly, and requires you to be a pretty good technical skier, because it'll react sometimes when you don't want it to, and is probably not the best base bevel for ragged surfaces. But for a SL race course? Of course you want that. As for side angle, it'll bite deeper with a 3... But you may like skidding your turns or, you might be skiing soft snow where the angles are largely meaningless (lucky you!).
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Don't worry about "factory angles". Worry about what you like.

Exactly! I never got this obsession with "factory angles". Who cares what factory sets on skis when they come out of factory. It's not about what factory would think it's good for me, but what I like to ski and what I think it's best for me. And in most cases, it's completely different then this what comes out of factory (well most of my skis come out of factory with 0,0 anyway ;) )

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 Don't worry about "factory angles". Worry about what you like.

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Find edge bevel angles that suit your skiing style and your snow conditions.  On a carving ski I like 3° sides and .7° base feathered to 1° at the tips & tails.  I found that .7° all the way on the base made them sometimes grabby at turn initiation.  Others like different angles.  In this case, it really is all about you.

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Let's not just assume that some one asking what the factory edges are doesn't know what they like - maybe they LIKE the factory edges and what to make sure they are maintained during the shop tuning.

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If he didn't like them at 1/3  the factory tune, he probably would not be asking for the factory angles.


Atomic SL's definitely 3 side edge.   A true 1 base will ski for rec skiing.


SS's point was you can easily increase the side edge to a 3 degree from a 2 without regrinding the base of the ski. NOT germane to this conversation, but you also can reduce the edge from a 3 back to a 2, with no special additional work other than using a file and diamond stones.

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Thank you for the info. I usually like to carve my turns instead of skidding through it, and especially liked the grip I was getting on tight turns.

I spent the weekend skiing at Mt tremblant in eastern Canada, and ended up asking a repair shop to set my side angle to 3 instead of 2 without doing a full tune up. I would say that having the side angle as 2 did not feel right on these slalom skis.
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