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Easterner coming in for 4 days, Sat-Tue, burning my MCP days (2 at Mammoth, 2 at Squaw/alpine)


Saturday will need to be at Squaw/Alpine. I land at Reno late Friday night. Can't make it to Mammoth for Saturday skiing. (I've done Alpine Meadow a lot but not been to Squaw for quite a long while, so hope to ski Squaw this time.)


So that leaves me with 2 options:

1) Stay at Squaw Sunday and go to Mammoth Monday/Tuesday or,

2) Mammoth Sunday/Monday and back to Squaw on Tuesday.


I need help with local knowledge on condition, weather and crowd between those two:


- Condition-wise, is there much difference between Mammoth & Squaw at the moment? And given the weather forecast, is one better than the other the next few days? 

- How to best take as much advantage of whatever snow that comes over Monday & Tuesday. 

- How to best avoid crowds on Sat/Sun.


I'm less concern about the crowd, west coast "crowd" is nothing for an easterner. Plus, travelling alone, I use the single's line almost exclusively. That said, this is Easter weekend jammed in with Spring Break. So if there's crowd situation at particular place that I need to be aware of, I would very much appreciate it.