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Aspen Closing Weekend

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Worth it (assuming conditions are good) or just a junk show?  Looks like AA has cut down service to ASE that week, so driving from DEN and wondering if I should keep driving or just stop at Copper.


We love skiing Aspen, but its a quite a bit further w/o service.

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It's never a junk show.


I have both Highlands and Aspen closing weekends booked into DEN,  on Southwest.  

If weather/conditions look good, I'll go.  If not,  the miles go back in the bank.


It's usually pretty good.

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got it - thanks


Seems Highlands closes a week earlier than Ajax this year.  We like Aspen anyway and hotel seems really inexpensive, but I bet its prepay. 

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Highlands is always a week earlier.  This is the first year Snowmass,  closes earlier than Aspen. 

Buttermilk 4/3, Snowmass/Highlands 4/10 and Aspen Mt. 4/17. 

Haven't heard about any extended weekends just yet, but probably will see one or two on Aspen.


I wouldn't book any rooms.  I'm sure you could walk in and cut a deal at any hotel in town.

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