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Head Skis - I got 'em.

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Thanks again to those of you who posted and pm'ed me about my quest for some Head WC Ti Slaloms.

So I walk into a shop in Billings today and they have a 180cm pair, barely used, with Tyrolia 17-DIN bindings.


My search is over.


And it snowed enough to make the mountains white in Jackson today. Life is good.
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Yo, which shop in Billings? I'll be there picking up a dog next week.
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Originally posted by Rio:
Yo, which shop in Billings? I'll be there picking up a dog next week.

The shop is called Alpine High. Address is 2001 Rosebud Drive (just off King St and 20th on the west side). Phone number is 406-256-0800. Web site is:


The two owners are Tim Hedin and Tyler Warne. They are both really nice guys who seem to know a great deal about skis. I love their shop - it's one of those small, specialty shops with lots of gear around and no fancy overhead.

It also sounds like they're pretty willing to deal on just about anything. Their primary ski lines are Volkl, Head, Dynastar and Atomic but Tim said they can get their hands on most any brand and will ship anywhere. I told them I would give their names out to a "friend" on the internet and they seemed cool with that.

If you go, tell them that the guy who bought the Heads recommended them.

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