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Bend pole remedy?

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A little bit more complicated than usual. These are adjustable back country poles. I would like to be able to adjust the length on the fly... Unfortunately, the bend part is interfering with the length adjustment. Right now, it wouldn't collapse or lengthen freely.


I've had it for a few years without any issue. I don't know how it happened. But after skiing for about a week, when it comes time to collapse the poles to fly home, one of them wouldn't collapse. In a hurry, I just left it as is. 


When I got home, I inspect it and, although it's not all that obvious, I can see a very slight bend in the middle section (of a 3 section pole), and feel the resistant when the bend part hits the upper section. So it wouldn't go up to the top section. It also stops the bottom section from sliding into the middle too. 


While I can use it as is, but I need to adjust the length when I'm in deep snow in the back country. That's the reason I have the adjustable poles in the first place. 


Any suggestion would be welcomed on how to straighten a very mild bend that's just preventing the poles to be adjust up and down.



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You can try to find an old archer.. (not one of the young compound guys) but an old seasoned archery shooter. We used to (I still do) straighten arrows to within .001" TIR if not better. It's not hard to do but it does take practice.


Basically you find where the bend is, and gently bend it back the opposite way ever so slightly a little at a time until it's straight. works best to bend it around a soft but firm surface so you don't but a dent in it.


I can usually get a ski pole extremely straight using my thigh as the fulcrum to bend around. I don't know if I'd be able to get a telescoping pole that straight but I don't think it would that tough.



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I have straightened golf shafts and regular ski poles this way.  It might work on sectionals. Grab a towel in hand.  Rub pole section in one direction with towel with grip pressure and downward pressure against the bend.  Friction from the towel will create enough heat to reverse the bend.  Maybe a five minute process.  Might work better if you can disassemble and work on just the bent section.

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I tried to just bend it back, but without much result. The pole was surprisingly strong!

Part of my problem is the lower section is still inside the middle section (bend section). Now I don't know if the lower section is also bend, or just stuck in there. There's no a lot to hold onto to pull the lower section out.

So looks like my first priority is to somehow free the lower section from its prison. The heat suggestion gives me the idea I should probably try to heat up the assembly. How... I haven't quite fully formulate just yet...
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Stovefor heat. I use a vise to straighten mine.
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No luck separating the stuck sections.

Heated the pole on stove top till it's hot to the touch but the two sections are still solidly stuck. Have to figure that one out first...
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Some shops have a pole unbending tool.


Other shops' pole unbending tool is the tuning guy's leg, which often worsens the bend :|

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Via private message, a bear alerted me Blackdiamond actually sells replacement leg sections. He even included a link. So it was easy for me to look up the model, order the replacement. In the process, I decided to order a pair of racing basket for inbound use too. 


The sections arrived today. And it fits perfectly. It even slide up and down more smoothly than the other (unbend) one. Duh!


I don't think this is a common problem. But just in case a couple years later, if someone else run into the same problem, find this thread in a search, this will help provide a solution. 

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