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Looking for Advice on Ski Purchase

Poll Results: Which would you recommend?

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    Salomon Q-98 Skis 2015
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    Line Skis Supernatural 108 Skis 2015
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    K2 Shreditor 112 Skis 2015
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    Line Skis Supernatural 100 Skis + Rossignol Axial3 120 Ski Bindings
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    K2 AMP Rictor 90 xTi Skis
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    Icelantic Pilgrim Skis 2015
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I've been looking at getting a set of all mountain skis for a few weeks and have my options narrowed down but can't seem to settle on one yet.  Figured I would come on here and get some expert opinions before making the leap.


A little about me and my skiing style: I live in the LA area so will predominantly be skiing the Big Bear Mountains and Mammoth, with occasional trips to Whistler, Tahoe, Colorado and Taos.  I currently have another ski that works perfectly well on East Coast mountains/basic Big Bear type of terrain so with this purchase I'm definitely looking for an all mountain set.  When riding with friends, I often stick to blue to black groomers, but when by myself I'll venture to a little more difficult terrain.  Also, with this ski looking to get something that will work great as I progress.  My height is 6'1" and weight 150 and average top run speed is in the mid-high 30's so looking for something nice and stable at those speeds and perhaps a little higher but nothing too extreme. I have traditionally skiied with a shorter ski so I don't want to exclude a 169 but am open to suggestion and realize a longer ski might be more suitable.


The options I'm considering are:


Salomon Q-98 Skis 2015 (https://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/salomon-q-98-2015.aspx) - 180 cm


Line Skis Supernatural 108 Skis 2015 (https://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/line-supernatural-108-2015.aspx) - 172 cm


K2 Shreditor 112 Skis 2015 (https://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/k2-shreditor-112-2015.aspx) - 169 cm


Line Skis Supernatural 100 Skis + Rossignol Axial3 120 Ski Bindings (https://www.evo.com/outlet/mashups/line-skis-supernatural-100-rossignol-axial3-120-ski-bindings.aspx)


K2 AMP Rictor 90 xTi Skis (http://www.skis.com/K2-AMP-Rictor-90-XTi-Skis/401130P,default,pd.html?src=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SC_Shopping&scid=scplp4570602&gclid=Cj0KEQiAjMC2BRC34oGKqY27jtkBEiQAwSXzftRimLhke1bLlSt4O_QaojPDZsSBE6IOlMMjTRMGm6saAil78P8HAQ) - 170 or 177 cm


Icelantic Pilgrim Skis 2015 (http://www.skis.com/Icelantic-Pilgrim-Skis-2015/387055P,default,pd.html) - 179 cm




Any advice you guys can provide would be greatly welcome.



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Welcome to Epic.  Your short list of skis is all over the map, in terms of length and width.  You shouldn't even consider a ski that's 169 or even 172, both are too short for you.  You should be on something at least 175 and about 180 is better.  My son is 6'0", 160 pounds and his favorite ski is a 185cm Nordica Enforcer 100.  I'm very curious how you came up with this list.  

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Thanks for the feedback.  My factors on the skis were more based on trying to take into account the main type of skiing that I would be doing while also allowing myself a ski that provided room for advancement.  Also, I was looking for a set of skis that offered something different from my current pair.  I was a little less pressed on the length due to the fact that I have skiied both short (my current pair) and longer (rentals) and found both manageable.


My ideals were a rocker/camber/rocker profile, approx 95-110 width, and stiff ski.  I tried to take some of the reviews also into consideration, as well as keeping my budget in mind.  Appreciate your input, I think I will eliminate the short ones on the list.

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The Salomon Q-98 is not a stiff ski and at your weight, I'm not sure why you would want a stiff ski, especially since a ski in 95-110mm category is not a carving ski.  Skis that wide are meant for soft and/or deep snow.  Wanting a ski with a rocker/camber/rocker profile is a good idea, IMO.  There are two skis I would recommend you consider, both 100mm.  Nordica Enforcer 100 and Atomic Vantage 100CTi.  I think either one will do what you want.  The Nordica is a bit more hard snow biased and the Atomic is a bit more soft snow biased.  The Nordica is a bit stiffer.  I'd recommend the Atomic in a 180 and the Enforcer in a 177.  I've skied both and they are excellent skis.  My son loves is Enforcers and skis them all over the mountain.  They are both skis that reward good technique but don't punish mistakes or less than stellar technique.


I think you'll find the K2s pretty heavy.  I skied the Rictor 90xti a few years ago and was very underwhelmed.  I can't comment on the Lines because I couldn't make it to the industry demos this season due to a broken collarbone.  And Line was on my list to demo.


I forgot.  Another ski you should consider is the Armada Invictus 108Ti, 178cm.  I haven't skied it but I did ski the 95Ti and was pretty impressed with it.  The 108Ti gets excellent reviews.

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