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Frustrated with boot selection

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Trying to find boots before our upcoming ski trip. Rental boots make my foot arch cramp and my shins are always in pain. I don't want to wreck my 3 days at the mountain because of that. Also, we got the rest of the family outfitted with ski gear so I'd hate to stop at the rental line just for boots for me (I have skis I've borrowed from a relative that will be tuned up and fit to any boots I buy before I go).


My foot is between 23.5 and 24cm, closer to 24. I have tried on 23.5 cm Salomon Quest 60 boots and wore them in the house and walking around and my arches are in pain, and my toes never pull away from the front of the boot no matter what position I am in. My toes feel very cramped. Worse with my smart wool ski socks as they are thicker in the toe area.


I have one store here with guys that seem to be reasonably knowledgable about boot fit, but even they didn't measure my foot width or arch. There is one other place here who knows more than a big box store, but not as much as the first store. Then I have a big box sports store.


The choices from the smaller stores are:


Lange SX 70

Rossignol Kiara 60

Salomon Quest 60W or Quest 70W (last year's model which I don't like the hike and ride switch as much)

Dalbello Luna 70


The big box store has some Nordicas in addition to this that I didn't try at this point. I think most of the boots out there seem too wide for me. 


There was also a Dalbello Kyra, but the plastic tongue presses into the top of my arch and causes pain. These were all in the 24.5. The widest part of my foot seems to be about 89mm. The Kiara's seemed wide and roomy in the foot area and I have several of the buckles basically at the tightest setting already. 


Not sure what else to do as I am nowhere near a place with a boot fitter such as yourselves or that has a very large selection of boots.


I'm skiing with my kids. On the mountain we'll do green runs, maybe progress to an easy blue if we get that far. I am no expert skier. I skied back 20ish years ago and was an okay blue skier, and did black on our local hill but not on a mountain and didn't do it with any grand technique. We started with the family again last year and I'm older now and enjoying green runs and will be fine getting back to blue this trip. Not sure I'll ever care to do black. ;) We'll be skiing about a half dozen times per year, maybe one mountain trip each year included in that since the closest mountain is 7.5 hour drive. So we are definitely recreational.


Any advice for me? I've watched a bunch of boot fit videos and read the thread here which has all given me good info, but I'm kind of lost when I don't have a lot of choice available.

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Hi SkiMauw,


Where do you live,  perhaps we can direct you to someone capable of helping.


Depending on your height and weight a 60/70 flex boot will be a very "low expectations" selection.  


We have seen posted on here that a gal who weighs in at 100lbs. should be in at least a 90 flex boot, considering this will be a long term


purchase.  Buy something that will help you long term---a "too soft" boot will not help you!


Get an accurate measurement of both your feet length and width, and calf circumference.  Calf circumference plays into how the boot will


/can push your feet forward into the toe box and make the boot feel short.


A 23.5 Salomon boot, should be capable of fitting your feet, once they are "broken in"----there's the rub---you do have to break the boot in


which means the liner will increase in interior volume when you ski in them.  Wear a thin sock of even a pair of knee high stockings to help


gain room during the break in period, you don't need a thick sock to stay warm in a ski boot---you need good circulation---something a thick


sock may cut off:mad.



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I'm 5'4" and 132 pounds. I have a small boned frame (think fingers the width of a skinny 12 year old) and am currently 15-20 pounds more than I normally weigh. wink.gif
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I also have chilblains in my feet which worries me about the 23.5 as my toes were so jammed in, I'm not sure how they would stay warm. If they get cold, I end up with itchy welts and burning and pain that lasts for over a week and keeps me up at night. So far, the ill fitting rental boots haven't caused me any trouble with that at least.
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Also, I don't think I've seen a boot over 70 flex for women in my city. Maybe the Dalbello Kyra was but I don't think there is anyway that boot will work. The plastic front tongue just sits in the wrong spot on my foot.
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To ask again.


Where are you located and where are you headed on your trip?


From what I can tell from your other posts, you might be in/near Alberta Canada?


There are a few real good fitters/shops but I know Alberta is a large area..

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dchan, I sent you a PM with my exact location. But yes I will be travelling to Jasper, AB and going through Edmonton, AB. We only had plans to be in Edmonton for a couple hours for lunch and to pick up ski socks for the kids at MEC, but maybe we could arrange to be there longer.
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