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Hey guys!


Okay, so I'm sure you're tired of the OneWasatch discussion, but........ I'm writing a research paper for a class I'm taking on whether or not OneWasatch is a good idea (I already have a pretty strong opinion on this but its ski related so it makes it fun to write about).

I was just going to see if anyone would like to share their true, respectful opinion - just trying to hear every side of this to develop a good basis to write with. Do you think its a good idea? why/ why not? If you have any solid facts you want to throw out there, that would be awesome too! haha. 


Thanks guys


Ps this thread was not made for anyone to argue, just want some respectful opinions!

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There are already existing several long threads that i think you can search and just look at all the opinions already written in the other onewasatch threads.  Be careful that doing research like this on the internet, you're only hearing the noisiest and loudest people and it doesn't reflect a true unbiased survey or a good measure of what people and just because an argument gets repeated over and over again doesn't mean it's true or even the best argument for a side.  It just means nobody else cared and write something better and probably was out skiing.

Things get into an echo chamber on the internet.


Take a look first and see if there is any purpose to this new thread, because you didn't really ask for anything novel or new.


Come on, you got to do some work! you can't expect people just to do everything for you, just because you asked for it.

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Well I've seen the other threads but from what I have mostly skimmed through, at this point its more of an argument without people just presenting their opinion. The purpose of this was to hear about peoples opinions to gather a better consensus on whether people are supporting this or not.

I've looked into just about every website, blog, forum, news article, and facebook / twitter post on the internet regarding OneWasatch and this is more or less just trying to get some more opinions and info that maybe I had missed to add into this 15-20 page essay. Not really trying to start a whole new discussion on OneWasatch as much as I just wanted some respectful opinions I could quote and use for this paper.
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