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Things to do in Denver?

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My son and I will be in Denver next Sunday for the day. What are some inexpensive things to do? Monday we're driving up to Loveland to ski for a couple days.
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My son and I will be in Denver next Sunday for the day. What are some inexpensive things to do? Monday we're driving up to Loveland to ski for a couple days.

The free tour of the State Capital is very good.  There is an option to go up to the dome, which has great views of the mountains, assuming good visibility.


There is a little museum in the Denver Mint, also free.


In theory, a visit to the Denver REI could be free.  But might end up finding something on sale that you just have to buy.  There is a good independent ski shop a block away as well.  Since I live in the southeast, always like to check out ski gear and clothing in person when I have a chance.


Driving over to Golden is fun.  The tour of Coors Brewery is very good.  Not only free, includes a few beers for those over 18 or soft drinks for younger visitors.  Can drive up the mountain for views and a little hiking if that's of interest.


Spent a week in downtown Denver last March when my husband (non-skier) had a professional meeting.  Afterwards, he flew home and I went skiing.

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How old is your son? My suggestions are probably boring or inappropriate for youngsters.

Drop into the Brown Palace lobby and have a gander. Its a beautiful hotel thats been in operation since the 1890s continuously. The first or one of the first atrium style hotels. Theres a restaurant and a tea room in the first floorm

16th street mall has lots to see and do. Free shuttles all day up and down the pedestrian mall. There are many stores and restaurants along 16th street. Some good street vendors also. Try some authentic Turkish-German Doenner or have a game meat sausage from Biker Jims. There is a bowling alley and movie theatre on tbe mall.

A place called One Up: this place has old school pinball and arcades with cheap beer.

Gape at mansions in Cherry Creek if you'll have a car.

This list strays a bit from the topic: Eats: Luciles (N.O. French Creole and more).. tbe Buckhorn Exchange is Denver's oldest restaurant and has the dustiest collection of taxadermied animals in Denver. Overall a neat atmosphere though, beautiful antique bar. Steaks are spot on but no representations as to the sides. There's also Elway's steaks. The best but straying from your topic. The Fort in Morrison is very unique but I cant attest to the food as I haven been in 30 years but it enjoys a good rep.

Pints Pub has an OK tap selectoon but one of the worlds biggest selections of single malt whisky. They have a couple of tasty cask beers too.

Sour Beer!!! Find sour beer at many places but Cheeky Monk on Colfax has one Excellent rap selection. Crooked Stave has great sours.

Zoo is very nice.

Ft. Collins New Belgium tour which I have not done but apparently you get to sample some excellent sour beers. The stuff that hits the shelf is good so I imagine its good from the barrel.
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My son is 13 and thanks for the replys.
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Dinosaur Ridge is an easy hike if your son is interested in geology and fossils.  The zoo can be fun but the gorillas looked suicidally depressed,  so that sort of bummed me out for the day.   

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Denver Museum of Nature and Science - East Denver, 2100 Colorado Blvd.


Colorado Railroad Museum - Golden Colorado (West of Denver - Near Coors) Open Easter 12-5 PM



Closed Easter Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum - East Denver, Former Lowry Air Force Base.

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I haven't been to CO in a while but the Columbine Steak House is a great homey place to eat.  I was there when the Avalanche won the cup.  People are very friendly.  I got a 20 oz steak, then a pork chop, and a bunch of beers somehow the bill for the three of us was around $50. It's sort of in a rough neighborhood but the yelp reviews are still good. Better than the tourist places downtown.

We also went to Buffalo Bill's hill or grave which is a big hill you can drive up.   You would have to ask around.

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I'll second DMNS. Perfect for a 13 year old.
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