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Another delamination question

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Two different ski techs have pointed out this delamination to me so I'm sure it's there, but it's so tiny it's hard for me to even see, let alone imagine how to repair. 


Skis are K2 Aftershock, 6 years old, probably 75 days on them. They must need repair since 2 people saw it. Are they worth repairing? I like the skis fine so would hate to shell out money for replacements.


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Your photos are not very good, but it looks like a small gap at the edge/sidewall due to some impact? A repair shouldn't cost more than $10... why wouldn't you have it filled with epoxy?

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Yes, it's a very small gap, I can hardly see it. I don't recall any specific impact.

I'll try to get better pictures but it's difficult to get sufficient lighting.

I filled it with epoxy when they pointed it out last season and it lasted through this season when the tech pointed it out again. Maybe I'll just fill with epoxy again. Do I need to clamp?

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Originally Posted by jmcdtucson View Post

. Maybe I'll just fill with epoxy again. Do I need to clamp?


It will need to be clamped, but there's absolutely no reason to do the work yourself when the charge to have it done is barely more than the cost of the epoxy to you.

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Ok, there are no ski shops here, but I can take it up to Flagstaff. Thanks. Glad not to have to buy new skis.

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