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K2 Wayback vs Dynafit Seven Summits?

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I'm shopping for a pair of touring skis for spring and summer conditions and have narrowed down to


K2 Wayback, 174cm, 126-88-113, 1350g

Dynafit Seven Summits, 171cm, 116-82-103, 1280g


I'm currently skiing a pair of Dynafit Stoke (105mm underfoot) which work well in powder and on crust. I also have 2 pairs for resort skiing. So the new skis will be strictly for touring in spring and summer. Reviews I have read so far suggest they are both suitable for what I do. My wife has a pair of Talkback, the women's version of Wayback, and she loves them. Seven Summits are slightly lighter and a little narrower, which is good for edging and skinning. Looks like I can get them at about the same price on sale. Seven Summits seemed to have been replaced by Cho Oyu, but I cannot justify spending over a grand (ski + binding + skin + crampon) on a setup I use about a dozen days a year.


Suggestions? Thanks.

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DPS Wailer 99...... very versatile.

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I had the original 7 summits and the Volkl Snowwolf for firm snow skiing, I now have the Cho Oyus.  The Snowwolf was the narrowest, stiffest (but not by much compared to the summits), and a flat wedge-shaped tail.  Skied the best of the 3 on glaciers.



They wore out after 11 years last year.  The 7 summits were almost as good--very good (I haven't skied the new ones).  The lighter weight, wider Chos not as carvey


My point is simply for corn snow and ice look for heavier edges you can easily tune, a little heavier ski for dampness, and a traditional camber for setting the edge and getting the longest edge/ski length, and a flat tail to help hold in the steeps.  If I were in your position I'd look for some discontinued Volkl models (Amaruk and Inuk) as well.  Also the Blizzard Zero G85 http://skimo.co/blizzard-zero-g-85 -- the original 7 Summits were made by Blizzard too.


I wanted more versatility in my narrower ski, so the Cho Oyu was the best choice for a range of shallower soft snow to firm snow and for mild breakable crust.  My go to winter ski is the Movement Shift (135 shovel and 98 mm waist).  

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Thanks! Paradise Glacier in July is exactly what I have in mind for this setup. I brought my Stoke to Mt Hood last June and it was a lot of weight to haul 5000 ft for some poor edging on the ice.

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