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Pico, VT - March 13- Closing Day - Always Hopeful

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Alba Adventures- Season 3 EP4 - Always Hopeful - Pico, VT




With the never ending warm weather and rain, it wasn't just a matter of if, but when our beloved Pico Mountain would close. Closing on March 13th, 2016; a very early closing and one that this mountain has not seen in many, many years. Pico would not be alone in closing early, as other mountains in the East too suffered this winter, due to the lack of cooler temperatures and snow.

Our last day at Pico yielded most of the die hard skiers and riders we know, that also love this mountain and the culture around it. With little time in our day and the snow melting, we took advantage of whatever limited terrain our mountain had to offer.

The mountain offered some amazing conditions, and the sun was bright against a great blue sky. Meeting up with the Roberts' family was a special plus too. The Roberts represent 3 generations of skiers at Pico, a legacy that we Albas hope to pass on too.

Beyond a doubt to us, climate change is real. This year, the warmest on record, has us concerned if there will ever be a normal winter again. However, even with this, we are forever "Always Hopeful" that Pico will be there for us next year, with the snow the Heavens delivered.

Please enjoy our most recent edit, "Always Hopeful".

Thank you, 
The Alba Family


PS - Next year we have to save up for UT, Verbier and CO. 

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Cool video TR. Great work with the videography!

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Great story telling as always.  Thanks for sharing!


Whenever you think you can make it to Utah, shoot me a PM during the planning phase.  I can share the VRBO rentals that I've used in SLC and Eden in recent years.

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Thank you @marznc - we have to say you helped push us..   Also thank you @tylrwnzl  - this year we wanted to really push the limits on what we can do. We have come a long way from our early videos, still so much more to learn.  For most, we are finding our longer format more engaging though fewer viewers - those that are watching are watching most of it which says alot these days, given most only have the patience for 30 seconds.  Someone recently compared us to early Warren Miller - that was a big ego boost as we never know if we are producing anything good.   Thank you for the feedback. 

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